Bamboo Garden Ideas to Bring Out Good Feng Shui

Bamboo Garden Ideas to Bring Out Good Feng Shui

Bamboo is one of the most popular feng shui cures for your living space. The secret to bringing out good feng shui with the use of bamboo is to position it at the right places. It is also important to care for this plant as well because even feng shui devices need love. Right below are some Bamboo Garden Design Ideas we’ve gathered!

Bamboo Garden Design Ideas to Bring Good Feng Shui to Your Home

Bamboo is an amazing plant that brings peaceful energy to any living space. According to East Asian customs, it symbolizes two things: flexibility and wisdom. These two are catalysts for ultimate wisdom, allowing the spirit to flow and heal your entire being. From a designer’s point of view, this houseplant is bound to suit any home. It requires very minimal care and is the best choice for those looking to create a nature-inspired home with a modern touch.

Today, you are about to learn how you can decorate your garden with bamboo while incorporating important feng shui elements as well. Don’t forget to also check our tips for incorporating bamboo designs for living spaces.

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Bamboo Garden Ideas

Bamboo plants are a staple in business establishments. You might have noticed them at restaurants, shops, hotels, offices, etc. Bamboo is known to combine five elements of feng shui cure to any room:

  • wood (bamboo plant wood)
  • earth (soil where the bamboo grows)
  • water (water you use to nourish the plant)
  • fire (red ribbon tied to the plant)
  • metal (pot used to grow your plant)

Bamboo Plant Design

Heart Shaped Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo is known to attract wealth and good fortune. It can also be used to invigorate your love life and bring long life and prosperous health for homeowners. In order for your good luck to flourish, always make sure that your bamboo is growing as well. Bamboo tends to grow toward the light without the need for constant sun exposure, so you can easily add it as a feng shui cure for your indoor or outdoor garden.

Bamboo Decor

Bamboo Decor in Bathroom

The number of stems of your bamboo garden represents specific cures of feng shui. Refer to the following:

  • two stems: love and marriage (joined together by a red string)
  • three stems: happiness
  • five: health
  • eight: wealth
  • nine: fortune
  • ten: contentment
  • twenty-one: perfection

Bamboo garden design ideas for indoors

If you are looking for ways to incorporate Asian decors into the interior design for your home, you might want to consider growing a small indoor bamboo garden. Bamboo takes up a small horizontal space, so you won’t have to worry about how it will fit right in. However, you have to be knowledgeable when it comes to growing bamboo in closed spaces because they grow at an alarmingly fast rate. Below are a few tips to consider before you start decorating.

Caring for an indoor bamboo garden

Though there are a variety of bamboo species that can grow indoors, these plants tend to be more stressed in an indoor environment, so a lot of attention is required.

  • Use a square pot or wide base. A good container with a sufficiently sized drainage is crucial for all bamboo pieces, so make sure there are considerably sized holes at the base of the pot.

Indoor Bamboo Garden Ideas

  • Use a humidity tray. Though bamboos require little light and water, they grow best in environments with high humidity. Keeping water under the bamboo without letting it soak the roots is the best way to add moisture to the air.

Bamboo Interior Home Design

  • Fill with well-draining soil. You can use decent-quality soil from your garden (except clay soil) when it comes to growing bamboo as long as it has a pH between 5.5 and 6.5.

Running bamboo design

The photo below shows you that bamboo can be grown horizontally. This is a method of growing called running bamboo. Running bamboo provides a beautiful bamboo grove to walk through even while indoors. Though aesthetically pleasing, a lot of planning is required to perfect this method of growing bamboo.

Modern Wood Stair Railing

Clumping bamboo design

For smaller spaces, experts recommend the clumping style of growing bamboo. As the name implies, clumping involves growing bamboo together as a cluster.

Modern Bamboo Garden Ideas

One of the biggest challenges when growing bamboo in containers is its extensive root growth. To prevent this from happening, you need to constantly water your bamboo.

Bammboo Garden Design

Bamboo Plant Garden

Bamboo garden design ideas for patio

Bamboo garden designs are easy to recreate in your patio. Imagine enjoying your afternoon tea while getting the feeling that you are one with nature! Soothing, right? Here are some bamboo garden design ideas you can get inspiration from as you create that ideal space of your own.

Bamboo Garden Decor

Small Courtyard House

Bamboo Garden Design Ideas

Bamboo Privacy Screen Balcony

Bamboo Garden Exterior Design

Ideas for Bamboo Garden Design

Bamboo Plant Garden Ideas

Bamboo garden design ideas for your outdoor space

The easiest place to grow your bamboo is your very own lawn. If you value family, then feng shui experts suggest that you position your bamboo tree on the east or southeast corner of your home. Browse through the photos below to get some helpful design ideas.

Bamboo Garden Decoration Ideas

Modern Bamboo Garden Design

Bamboo Horsetail Grass

What bamboo plants can I place in my garden?

The size of the bamboo plant you choose will determine whether you should grow your bamboo in a container or on the ground. Some common species include golden bamboo and Pseudosasa genus bamboos, if you live in tropical countries like the Philippines. For countries with colder climates, Phyllostachys parvifolia, Phyllostachys vivax, and Phyllostachys edulis are the ideal bamboo species.

Outdoor bamboo plant care

For bamboo gardening outdoors, choosing the right location is a vital step. Caring will actually depend on the bamboo plant used with climate and soil serving as important factors as well.

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