Bamboo Living Spaces: A Touch of Modern Elegance

Bamboo Living Spaces A Touch of Modern Elegance

If you have traveled to countries in Southeast Asia, especially the Philippines, you have probably noticed that a majority of homes are made of bamboo and nipa. Those who have resided in the West may question the durability of such materials, especially since our territory tends to be hit by typhoons and strong winds throughout the year. But bamboo materials can actually rival the strength of lumber. In addition to that, it provides good insulation and a refreshing ambiance.

Why not inject a little Asian flavor into your homes? You’ll instantly feel a sense of tropical goodness at the comfort of your own home. Still not convinced? Then let these modern bamboo living spaces inspire your next bamboo house designs project. Browse through the gallery below to start.

Bamboo Living Spaces That Are Sure to Inspire You

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Bamboo House

Bamboo Vacation House

Tiny Bamboo House

The nipa hut or bahay kubo is an icon in Philippine culture that eventually inspired a popular children’s song of the same name. It is also a symbol of community or bayanihan since most kubos are moved from place to place with the help of the townsfolk. To this day, bahay kubos can be found all over the country, particularly in provincial areas. It is supported by posts that are typically created with sturdy bamboo.

Bahay Kubo

Most bahay kubos that are built for long-term residences design their living area with the right amount of lighting and ventilation. It also contains a wet area that is used as cooking, dishwashing, and lavatory section. Perhaps the biggest challenge a bahay kubo faces is its roofing as storms and typhoons tend to break down or blow it away. Designs similar to the one below show that bahay kubo structures are slowly adapting to address this issue.

Modern Bahay Kubo

Modern Bamboo Home

Modern Bamboo House

The walls of a nipa hut are made of light materials like bamboo, making it easy to move whenever needed. It also acts as an insulator and can be very aesthetically pleasing. The design of the house is always elevated to protect it from flooding.

Bamboo Bedroom Design

Bamboo Interior Design

Bamboo Bathroom Design

Bamboo Dining Area Design

Aside from being an eco-friendly alternative compared to actual timber, it actually performs better as well. According to scientific tests, bamboo actually has a higher tensile and compression strength. These factors play important roles especially since the Philippines is a country that experiences high density of hurricanes and earthquakes each year.

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