20 Spectacular Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms for a Nature-Friendly Home

Bamboo Made Living Room

A bamboo-themed living room brings a feeling of serenity for homeowners and guests. Bamboo is a quick way to incorporate Asian designs into your personal space. If you have been looking for inspiration on how to use bamboo in your living room, then you have come to the right place. This article features twenty charming bamboo-themed living rooms that will not only give you ideas for redecorating your place but will also get you excited to start your next home project.

Lovely Bamboo-Themed Living Rooms That Bring Out the Wonder of Nature

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1. Beverly Hills Project

Living Rooms

Though the design of this living room is predominantly rustic, the bamboo painting on the mantle gives it the slightest touch of East Asian aesthetic. The bamboo pole looks like it was painted directly on the tile.

2. California Cottage

Tropical Living Room Decor

From the unique bamboo coffee table to the coconut tree painting, it is clear that the designer was going for a tropical feel for this living room.

3. Captiva Bayside Residence

Living Room Design

The living room chairs made of bamboo and rattan complement the mint green designs of the cushion and walls.

4. Diamond Head Renovation

Asian Inspired Living Room

Even though the wall decors steal the show in this living room, the bamboo tree and the whole look of the room makes you feel like you’re being transported to East Asia.

5. Green Lines

Archaic Design Ideas

The small and cute bamboo poles in the middle of the table go harmoniously with the modern design of the room.

6. Haena Interiors

Haena Interiors

Definitely one of the most astonishing bamboo-themed living rooms, this masterpiece looks like extra homey thanks to the eye-catching woodwork on the ceiling and floor.

7. India Mediterranean Living Room

India Mediterranean Living Room

The bamboo seats in this living room are perfectly positioned beside the rattan sofa.

8. Indian Valley Road

Indian Valley Road

The entire room looks like it was inspired by Victorian-era designs, but the added touch brought by the two bamboo poles balances the whole look.

9. Key Largo

Living room-Interior Design

Bamboo is used for several furniture pieces in this room, including the chairs, coffee table, and lamp!

10. Lake Calhoun Condo

Minneapolis Asian Inspired Living Room

Thin bamboo poles look absolutely gorgeous bundled together on one corner of the room.

11. Miami Asian Living Room

Miami Asian Living Room

The furniture in this room are simple enough to let the polished and painted bamboo poles on the right stand out.

12. Miller Ave

Miller Ave

The adorable coffee table at the center of the room is certainly a scene-stealer.

13. Modern Living with Golden Gleam

Modern Living with Golden Gleam

The sun-themed mirrors on the wall go well with the contemporary designs of the furniture.

14. New York Tropical Living Room

Tropical Woody Bamboos

This is not your average New York living space! But it definitely is one of the most unique ones out there thanks to the stunning bamboo ceiling.

15. Open Air Living in Bali

Bamboo House Designs

This living room area in Bali is absolutely beautiful. It is the perfect place to unwind in this popular tropical destination.

16. Room Inspirations

Bamboo Decor

The bamboo ladder adds a nice modern touch to this living room.

17. Scott Formby, Holiday House Hamptons

Living Room Bamboo Tree

A living room does not need to be extravagant. You can opt for a small and cute guest receiving area that is perfect for the family as well.

18. Tybee Beach House

Hang Out Spot for Kids at Home

The living area of this beach house is both homey and pleasant.

19. Wailua Home

Wailua Home

The painting in this room only adds to its elegance and class.

20. Wellesley Pool House

Bamboo Furniture

A simple bamboo chair set is positioned on the corner of this living room. It creates a nice relaxing area for house guests.

Hopefully, you have found your bamboo dream design on this list of equally elegant bamboo-themed living rooms. Bamboo is an affordable and easy material to work with, you can even grow your own plantation in your backyard! All it takes is a little research on how to make them grow strong and healthy. You might want to consider the conditions you are growing them as well. Every bamboo specie is unique, but you’ll be able to get the most out and maybe even create that home you’ve always been dreaming of.

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