Cebu’s Must-Visit Place: The Bantayan Island

Bantayan Island

Whether you crave for some historical adventure or a dip in pristine waters, Cebu’s tourist spots got your back. From archaic houses and churches to white-sand beaches, name it! But if there’s one place you shouldn’t miss upon visiting Cebu, it’s the Bantayan Island.

5 Reasons to Visit Bantayan Island of Cebu

The island is situated in the west of the northern end of Cebu and covers three municipalities: Santa Fe, Madridejos, and Bantayan. It’s 164 miles away from the metropolis, which means that travel time would take approximately 5 hours. Yes, it’s a long ride, but the scenery along the way will make it worthwhile. And the island itself does not disappoint.

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Bantayan Island of Cebu

Just in case you need more convincing, here are more reasons to visit Bantayan Island at least once in your lifetime.

1. Budget-friendly vacation trip

Bantayan Island is a budget-friendly tourist spot, where a thousand pesos is enough to live on for a few days. Local hotels are relatively cheap, especially when you’re checking in as a backpacker or with friends. The island is also small; you can walk to and from your destination and save on transit cost. Besides that, you can also feast on local cuisine without overspending.

2. A chance to experience authentic island life

The long distance from the city to the island has its perks, and one is the liberty to enjoy authentic island life away from the corporate culture. There are no big-name hotels or fast-food chains, but there are local hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants that offer a laid-back experience. Here you’ll wake up to the crows of the roosters, get around on a bicycle or motorbike, and tiptoe on the island’s white sand.

3. High-speed internet

Most provinces don’t have a 3G connection, let alone a 4G LTE internet, but Bantayan is different! It may be a far-flung island, but it boasts strong cellular signal, which means that you don’t necessarily—and literally—need to disconnect from the world! Stay connected with your friends and family, upload pictures from your trip, and share stuff on your travel blog while you’re there. With a reliable internet connection, you can navigate through the island even without a tour guide.

Camp Sawi

4. Brokenhearted people’s camp town

You can also go camping at Kota Beach Resort, referred to as Camp Sawi, which means it’s a camp for the miserable in love. It gained popularity after the resort became a film site for a blockbuster rom-com featuring heartbroken Filipino women. Since then, the resort has become a retreat for the hopeless romantic. They say the place can help you heal! Whether that’s true or not, the island’s beauty is enough to make it one of the perfect romantic destinations to celebrate Valentine’s Day or any special day with your partner.

Serene Beaches

5. Serene beaches surround the island

Other than Camp Sawi, there are a few more resorts on the island that boast a serene view of the Pacific Sea. The island is still a budding ecotourism spot, so there’s not a lot of rules—at least not yet! Hence, you can go free-driving whenever you want. Just remember to take extra precautions.

The locals of the island are friendly and accommodating. You can trust that you’ll be treated nicely while you’re there. Also remember: “take nothing but memories and leave nothing but footprints!”

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