Bathroom Design Trends to Try at Home This 2018

Top Bathroom Design Trends to Follow This 2018

When it comes to designing a house, we all assume that the bathroom is the space that needs the least attention or that it’s the last area one pays attention to. But truth be told, it is just as important as any other room in the house.

The bathroom is where we spend the first hour of our day and the last few minutes of it. It’s where we try to wash our body clean of toxins or any element we might have gotten when we were at work, in school, or wherever the last 24 hours took us. And if we want to have some alone time, the bathroom is one of the places we end up locking ourselves in.

So it is only right that we take the time to make this area of the house just as cozy and calming. To help you with that, here are the top bathroom design trends that are expected to take over 2018.

Bathroom Design Trends for 2018

Turn your bathroom into the relaxing haven it should be with these bathroom design trends.

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1. Go for brass and gold

Bathroom Trends 2018

If you think brass and gold touch on bathroom designs is something so 1980s, then think again because this 2018, these tone fixtures are making a huge comeback.

Most metals don’t work well in wet environments, and that’s probably the main reason people don’t really settle for such design when it comes to designing a bathroom. But when they’re used on faucets and other smaller places, it is more than enough to set a specific tone and actually easy to maintain.

The presence of brass and gold in a bathroom makes the space look luxurious and elegant, making you feel as if you were a royal as you take your nightly dip in the tub.

2. Adopt a neutral style

Small Bathroom Ideas

Most homeowners think that gray, white, and other warm colors are hard to work with, which can be true, but with a few mix-and-match tricks, these neutral colors might just be what you need to give your bathroom the change it deserves.

Ever heard of the greige trend? Greige is basically just beige and gray. Sounds boring, but when you add gray to beige, you’ll get a much richer color that will help create a warm and cozy atmosphere. It also makes the space look modern and elegant.

It’s worth noting that 2018 also means welcoming the more organic colors to create a neutral vibe. And by organic colors, we mean warm browns, greens, and blues. Some would even place plants and flowers in the bathroom for that perfect, one-with-nature look.

3. Use unique tiles

Hexagon Tiles Design Bathroom

Gone are the days when traditional plain tiles are the thing. With the advances in technology, we are now able to make tiles with designs that are far from what we’re used to seeing on the floor. Even the shape has changed!

So it does not come as a surprise that one of the top bathroom design trends right now is using unique tiles because seriously, it’s advancement too good not to be taken advantage of. To make your area for personal hygiene look unconventionally elegant, look for hexagonal diamond-shaped tiles with eye-catching prints. And don’t forget to use the same for the bathroom walls.

4. Be high-tech

Bathroom Design Trends

Speaking of technology, high-tech toilets have become a huge trend, especially this 2018. Automatic lid openers and seat warmers can be seen in more bathrooms now than ever.

American manufacturing company Kohler is now selling toilets that have features like integrated bidet, an air dryer, and deodorizer. There are also toilet bowls that are LED-packed that automatically illuminate in weak light condition. It emits different colors, sometimes more than one at once. And some are equipped with wireless system that plays music when the lid is up and stops when it’s down.

There are a lot of options laid down for you, you just have to decide which of these amazing features you want to see in your own bathroom. Just be prepared to spend extra bucks, though.

5. Go for a bold accent walls

Trends in Bathroom Design

Just because it’s the room that your guests would want to visit last does not mean your bathroom does not need a design that reflects your personality. Another one of the best bathroom design trends now is using accent wall that defines one’s personal style and character, and it is something you can follow if you want to make a statement too.

Accent walls have been forgotten by some, but this year, it’s making a huge comeback and is expected to take over the industry. One way to do it is to use ceramic tiles. Make sure to choose ones that have bold patterns and colors. Remember the same tip when deciding what to use for the wall.

A dramatic accent wall is widely used this year too, making it another trend that’s worth checking out. If you’re not up for the idea of using heavily designed wall, you can hang paintings instead to prevent it from looking very plain and boring. Choose works that you’re drawn to, ones that scream you.

Our bathroom is more than just an area for early-morning and late-night showers. If there’s any room in the house that can be considered a personal space other than the bedroom, it’s that. So get rid of the belief that it’s okay for it to be boring and not perfectly designed. Keep these bathroom design trends in mind and give your own the upgrade it needs.

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