Beautiful Bedroom Designs That Make You Never Want to Leave – Part 2

Beautiful Bedroom Designs That Make You Never Want to Leave Part 2

You have been introduced to eleven of the most amazing bedroom designs in the world in the first part of this series. This time, let’s venture into what seems like a different dimension filled with the coziest and most creative bedroom designs in the world.

Go over each item on this list of amazing bedroom designs until you find the one that suits your taste.

The Most Stylish Bedroom Designs in the World

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12. Rustic room made enchanted by trees

Rustic Room Design

A tree branch as a decoration has been widely popular, and in this example, it is used to make the bedroom look more magical. With a fireplace in front, the whole look gives off that dreamy feeling.

13. Ocean-side room with a gorgeous view and retractable window wall

Ocean-side Bedroom

Called the Razor House, this masterpiece by architectural designer Wallace E. Cunningham is no doubt one of the best bedroom designs in the world. Stunning, right? Well, the entire house, including that to-die-for bedroom, could be yours—if you have $19 million to spare.

14. Intimate loft bedroom in the Italian Alps

Loft Bedroom Design

Wake up to a winter wonderland with this simple yet undoubtedly one of the coolest (no pun intended) bedroom designs in the world.

15. Luxurious room with a sunken bathtub

Luxurious Room With Bathtub

The ultimate staycation luxury trip.

16. Beautifully cozy attic bedroom

Cozy Attic Bedroom

Most homeowners see the attic as a storage room, but really, with little hard work and a pint of creativity, you will realize this room can be transformed into something way more than just a mere storeroom. You could start by fixing and repainting the walls, then adding a small bed and minimalist decorations. There you have it, an enchanting bedroom in the least visited part of the house.

17. Live life over the edge with hammock flooring

Hammock Flooring

Who says hammock can only be an outdoor thing? If you want a space that allows for a unique form of relaxation, this is definitely the best bedroom design for you.

18. Be a medieval ruler with a space fit for a king or queen

Medieval Bedroom Design

This type of room could be why King Henry VIII had six wives.

19. Luminous pool-side bedroom

Pool-side Bedroom

A night-time dip before a good-night’s sleep is never a bad idea. Studies have it that going on a swim before hitting your bed helps reduce stress and makes you sleep faster. if you’re up for that, then this is the perfect bedroom design to incorporate.

20. Enjoy the beauty of the outside from your room

Open Air Bedroom

Be one with nature with this bedroom design that lets you marvel at the beauty of Mother Earth before you close your eyes at night and as soon as you open them in the morning.

21. Enjoy the outdoors completely because why not?

Outdoor Bedroom In City

City lights are such a beautiful sight, and staring at them before drifting off to dreamland is not actually a bad idea. This bedroom will let you experience that in an amazingly cozy way.

22. Who needs interior decorating when you have a gorgeous ocean view room?

Gorgeous Ocean View Room

An astonishing ocean view is something everyone wants to lay their eyes on. Have a bedroom that lets you enjoy such a scene before you go to sleep, just like the one above.

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