Breathtaking Camping Sites Around the Philippines

In an archipelago filled with scenic mountains and tranquil nature trails, vacations are sometimes better spent in a tent than in a hotel. Picture waking up to a view of forests and hills or to the sound of waves gently crashing against the shore. If that seems like a perfect getaway, read on for a list of beautiful camping sites around the country.

Picturesque Camping Sites to Try in the Philippines

Mount Purro Nature Reserve (Antipolo, Rizal)

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Mount Purro Nature Reserve is a family-run eco park in the foothills of the Sierra Madre. Aside from the usual marshmallow and hot dog roasting, waterfall trekking, and mountain hiking, the nature reserve also lets you plant trees! Even more interestingly, the Sierra Madre is home to the Dumagat tribe, and you are free to visit them and immerse in their culture as well. Mount Purro Nature Reserve advocates “God, nature, and people as true measures of personal and community development.”

Thelma and Toby’s Island Camping Adventure (San Vicente, Palawan)

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Halfway toward the world’s best islands in Palawan is the hidden gem of Port Barton in San Vicente, where Thelma and Toby’s Island Camping Adventure awaits you. Boasting a five-star rating at Trip Advisor, Thelma and Toby’s camping site offers kayaking, volleyball, badminton, swimming, snorkeling, and island hopping trips. You’ll be welcomed with spacious tents under nipa roofs, hammocks, bamboo furniture, and a bonfire pit facing the shoreline! Even better, three daily meals are conveniently included in their rates.

Mount Pulag National Park (Benguet, Ifugao)

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Being the highest peak in Luzon, Mount Pulag is probably every mountaineer or camper’s dream hike. You’ll get to the campsite after a hike amidst jaw-dropping views: clouds, fog, flowers, and trees of various sizes. Upon settling down in your camping site, enjoy the stars and the sunrise and sunset. There are 4 major trails to the summit of varying levels of difficulty. From Benguet, there’s the Ambangeg (for beginners), Akiki, and Tawangan; and from Nueva Vizcaya, the Ambaguio trail.

Kalanggaman Island (Palompon, Leyte)

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Known for its bird-shaped sandbar, powdery white sand, and clear blue waters, Kalanggaman is a sight to behold despite the lack of luxury resorts and hotels. In fact, it’s uninhabited! As the island slowly gained international exposure, the local government soon built basic facilities in the island and secured tourist police. Currently, the island offers swimming, kayaking, snorkeling, aqua biking, scuba diving, and camping. If Mount Pulag is every mountaineer’s dream hike, Kalanggaman Island is probably every beach camper’s paradise.

Bacalla Woods Campsite (San Fernando, Cebu)

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Bacalla Woods Campsite is described as the home of artists, environmentalists, explorers, extreme sports athletes, campers, and all nature enthusiasts. This new campers’ favorite is famous for its infinity swing, hammocks, and iconic tree house. Aside from camping and lighting bonfires, you can go river trekking to seven waterfalls, mountain biking, hiking, snorkeling, and even skate boarding! There’s only one cabin here, so share a meal or interact with fellow backpackers! This camping site is also a popular stopover for travelers planning their next adventure. You can actually enjoy canyoneering, surfing, trekking, biking, and spelunking in nearby sites!

Forest Camp Mountain Resort (Valencia, Negros Oriental)

Forest Camp

Feast your eyes and soul upon this secret. Located six miles west of Dumaguete City is a beautiful tropical paradise free from noise, heat, and city pollution. Forest Camp has a river passing through its landscape of 2.5 hectares, as well as nine cold springs, hammocks, various huts, and a hanging bridge. It also offers fun activities such as lighting bonfires, wall climbing, biking, skating, and zip-line riding. The food they serve here is also one of the best!

Lake Holon (T’boli, South Cotabato)

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We bet you’ve never heard about this beauty either. Also known as Lake Maughan, Lake Holon is a mystical stunner home to the colorful T’boli people. In the nearby village, visitors are treated not just to an educational experience but to a real immersion in the traditional life of the T’boli natives. Lake Holon is accessible through two trails: Salacafe and Kule. Salacafe is the easier trail, taking only about three to four hours to the lake. But the best views are found in the Kule trail, which takes five to six hours. No pain, no gain! From the pristine waters and remarkable views surrounding you throughout, this mirror-like lake lives up to its name as the Crowned Jewel of the South.

Eden Nature Park (Davao City)

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In the district of Toril in Davao City, you’ll find Eden Nature Park at the foot of Mount Talomo. Across 80 hectares, you’ll have a chance to explore a wildlife sanctuary full of exotic birds, plants, flowers, and insects. This nature park is actually 95% man-made, but it has handsome scenery, including 100,000 tall forest trees and 100,000 pine trees. If your feet grow tired, you can always hop on their 45-minute shuttle tour to save time. The fresh natural scents make it this the mother of all camping sites in Mindanao.

Samalan Camp & Sea (Samal, Davao del Norte)

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Nestled in the southernmost part of the island garden city of Samal, Samalan Camp & Sea boasts not only its white sand and its crystal-clear blue waters, it also takes pride in its forest teeming with wildlife! In fact, the forest close to the beach is home to macaque monkeys, crows, and the very rare Philippine megapode. Whether you are a traveler who wants to bring the comforts of the urban life with you or a posh traveler who dreams to experience glamping with a dedicated butler on the side or a gypsy-like adventurer who prefers pitching a tent under the talisay trees, this quaint camping charmer is just so ideal for everyone.

Now pack your bags and experience unique camping sites!

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