Here’s an Easy Bistek Tagalog (Beef Steak) Recipe You Can Follow

We all know what beef steak is. But did you know there was actually a Filipino version of it? It is called bistek Tagalog. Bistek is comprised of sliced beef…

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Try This Delicious Hardinera Recipe

Hardinera, also called “jardinera,” is a popular meatloaf dish that has its origins in Quezon Province. It’s a special dish that’s commonly served on important occasions such as local fiestas…

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A Delicious and Nutritious Lumpiang Togue Recipe

Lumpiang togue is a dish that is a staple on many Filipino dinner tables. All of us probably have memories of eating this nutritious but delicious dish when we were…

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Pinoy Food Items from Your Childhood You’ll Never Get to Eat Again

If we were all to look back on our childhood, one of the things that would stand out are the food items we used to eat. For each of us,…

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Pinoy Recipe: Adobong Bulalo (Beef Shank Adobo)

Whether you’re craving something hot and savory on a cold, rainy night or want to cook up something saucy for your Friday family dinner, adobong bulalo or beef shank adobo…

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A Guide to Eating the Duck Embryo Filipino Delicacy—Balut

The fertilized duck egg delicacy of the Philippines definitely earned its place in Sweden’s Disgusting Food Museum, together with escargot, Rocky Mountain oysters, mouse wine, eyeball juice, and many others….

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Ginisang Sitaw at Kalabasa Recipe

After a long, tiring day at work, the only thing you’d like most in the world is to go home and eat a filling dinner. However, if you’re too exhausted,…

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Filipino Beef Morcon: How to Prepare This Longtime Household Favorite

Despite its name, the Filipino beef morcon is not thick chorizo but a roulade made of round-cut beef flank steak, marinated in a soy sauce mixture with spices, and stuffed with hard-boiled eggs,…

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Filipino Recipe: Sarciadong Isda

Philippines has a glut of freshwater fish that Filipinos tend to invent new fish recipes so they don’t surfeit on it. They make sinugno, tinapa, or inun-unan, all having very different taste you wouldn’t even realize…

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Espasol Recipe: How to Make This Sweet Treat from Laguna

Laguna is home to a lot of tourist spots that draw millions of tourists every year. But it’s not just the magical falls, the historical churches, or the famous Rizal…

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