Delicious Filipino Foods

12 Delicious Filipino Foods You Absolutely Need to Try: Part 2

We’ve talked about six delicious Filipino foods in the first part of this series of articles. But the discussion doesn’t end with just six as there are more foods worth…

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Chicken Curry Recipe

Ala Pinoy Chicken Curry Recipe

Curry may predominantly be Indian food, but that doesn’t mean that Filipinos don’t enjoy this scrumptious meal. In fact, chicken curry is among the favorite dishes served at parties —…

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Pinoy Dining Tradition ‘Salo-Salo’ Goes International

Pretty soon, the whole world will know just how good Filipino food can be. Of course, coming from a proud Pinoy, this statement is biased, but we encourage everyone to…

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Make Pandesal

How to Make Filipino Pandesal Bread

Although actually Portuguese in origin, pandesal bread has always been a Filipino favorite. An average Pinoy’s morning will never be complete without some pandesal on the table and a cup…

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Kare-Kare with Peanut Sauce

Kare-Kare Recipe: Meat and Vegetable Stew in Peanut Sauce

The Filipino version of the kare-kare recipe or meat stew flavored and thickened in peanut-based sauce, served with a variety of vegetables is scrumptious and a Filipino food that you must…

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