Filipino Recipes Rich Beef Mechado

Filipino Recipes: Rich Beef Mechado

The quality of meat can be seen in the marbling of fat and muscle, and for cooks, the more marbling, the better the cut. This intramuscular fat, which is visible…

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Mango Float Learn How to Make This Dessert in Easy Steps

Mango Float: Learn How to Make This Dessert in Easy Steps

Mango float remains to be a mainstay favorite Pinoy dessert. And who wouldn’t love it, mangoes are iconic tropical fruit—and mango float is loads better than ice cream. It’s so good…

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Sweet Delicacies Alupe Recipe

Sweet Delicacies: Alupe Recipe

This cassava-based kakanin alupe is well-loved by Filipinos and is considered a delicacy from the Ilonggos. Usually prepared as snacks, this sweet treat can be found mostly in the western part of…

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Serve Chicken Empanada

Serve Chicken Empanada at Your Next Party with This Easy Recipe

The empanada is a stuffed pastry with roots from Europe. Served either hot or cold, the pastry is popular in parts of Southeast Asia, Europe, and Latin America. More importantly,…

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Filipinos Favorite Kakanin

Filipinos’ Favorite Kakanin You Too Will Surely Love

If you haven’t already heard, ube is the next matcha, and yes, you will have to wonder why it took so long for this traditional Filipino flavor, which is a…

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Japanese-Filipino Fusion Sushi

Salivate Over This Japanese-Filipino Fusion Sushi

Most millennial Filipinos are foodies, and just because there are certain types of food from different parts of the world that they could try, it doesn’t mean that they can’t…

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Easier-to-Eat Crab Recipe

Easier-to-Eat Crab Recipe: Rellenong Alimasag

Rellenong alimasag, like any other Filipino dish, is best served with hot, steamed, white rice. The sauce is simple, and ketchup adds a certain flair to it. The usual rellenong alimasag…

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Ginataang Langka with Tinapa Flakes

How to Cook Ginataang Langka with Tinapa Flakes

Ginataan dishes are those that are cooked in coconut milk or contain coconut cream. This style of cookies features in some of the best recipes in Filipino culinary history. This…

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Make Your Own Lechon Belly at Home

Make Your Own Lechon Belly at Home

Known as the star of festivities in the Philippines, the lechon, without any doubt, is a favorite among Pinoy foodies. Cebu has always been known as the archipelago’s Lechon Capital…

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Stuffed Milkfish Recipe

Relyenong Bangus (Stuffed Milkfish) Recipe

Milkfish or bangus is easy to upgrade as a meal, and having it stuffed makes it even more delicious than ever. And despite initial reservations due to the sheer number…

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