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Spot These Millennial Home Design Trends in Every New Home (or Apartment) You Visit

In less than 5 years, the oldest millennials will be turning 40. By then, this generation will make up a considerable part of the population, taking up much of the…

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Organizing the Filipino Kitchen: Tips and Tricks

Apart from the living room and dining room, the kitchen is yet another part of the Filipino home that brings family and friends closer. It’s more than just a place…

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Filipino Patio Design Ideas Perfect for 2019

Staying inside a Filipino house without air conditioning can indeed get unbearably humid. And for such a family-oriented people, the living room can feel like an oven for some homes…

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The Most Pleasing Living Room Wall Colors to Impress Guests

Wherever you go around the world, you will be surprised at how everyone thinks Filipinos are too hospitable. Foreigners who come to visit the Philippines speak of Filipinos going out…

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Modern Terrace Designs

Home Remodeling Guide: Modern Terrace Designs

A terrace is the perfect place to be for that relaxing panoramic view of the surrounding, which is probably why it’s everybody’s go-to spot if they just want to chill. It’s where you read…

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Best Kitchen Layouts for the Filipino Home

6 Suitable Kitchen Layouts for Filipino Homes

As Filipinos, we love food so much that it has become the highlight of every event we throw. It is for this reason that the kitchen is considered one of…

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Filipino Christmas Decors That Will Put You in a Festive Mood

Filipino Christmas Decors That Will Put You in a Festive Mood

The Philippines is famous for celebrating Christmas months earlier than the rest of the world does. In as early as September, you can see parol, belen, and other ornaments already hanging over…

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Filipino Interior Design Ideas

Filipino Interior Design Influences You Can Use to Redecorate Your Home

It does not matter if you live in the Philippines or not, you have probably spotted a hint of Filipino interior design in some living spaces. But why are people so…

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Inexpensive Garden Fence Ideas

15 Garden Fence Ideas That Are Cheap yet Effective

If there is one common fixture in Filipino gardens, it is that most homeowners like to secure their space with fences. In a time where sophisticated home security systems have…

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Evolution of Filipino Homes

From Kubo to Townhomes: The Evolution of Filipino Homes Over the Last 100 Years

The late artist Leandro Locsin once said, “Philippine architecture is an elusive thing.” And true enough, “elusive” just might be the most fitting word to describe it. The Spanish and American colonization…

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