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father's day

How to Celebrate Father’s Day Amid COVID-19

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Come June 21 and your Facebook newsfeed will be flooded again with tributes to the world’s best men—fathers. But while a heartfelt message…

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places to visit post-quarantine

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines Post-Quarantine

If there’s anything millions of Filipinos are the same at at the moment, it’s probably the fact that we’re all confined to our homes. No one’s allowed to go out…

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EDSA People Power Revolution

The EDSA People Power Revolution and What It Means Now for Filipinos 

It’s been more than thirty years since the EDSA People Power Revolution, but it is still being celebrated as one of the most significant events that molded our country into…

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Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day Destinations: Fall Deeper in Love with Your Lover and the Philippines

Planning your Valentine’s Day getaway? Look no farther than the Philippines. Composed of 7,641 islands, the Philippines will never disappoint you when it comes to Valentine’s Day ideas. File those…

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New Year's Eve

Grand Philippine Destinations to Spend New Year’s Eve In

Planning to hit the streets instead of staying home for media noche the traditional way? The Philippines is a country of festive islands every New Year’s Eve. Like every country…

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outdoor christmas party games

Funny Outdoor Party Games to Try This Christmas

The Filipino Christmas is upon us! It’s the season for Noche Buena, village parties, neighborhood parties, and extended family reunions. If the Santa hat is on you this year and…

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top 10 activities pinoys love to do during undas

Top 10 Activities Pinoys Love to Do During Undas

It’s that time of the year again, when spirits are said to roam the earth and people huddle together and tell each other horror stories come nighttime. No, we’re not…

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Undas: The Philippines’ Day of the Dead

Undas is the Philippines’ own Día de los Muertos, albeit not as colorful and festive. The Philippine Day of the Dead is more solemn and family-oriented, with the exception of…

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It’s October: Festivals Around the Philippines to Be Excited About

The Philippines is one of the countries with the most number of festivals in the world. The feasts in a single month alone will show you just how many there…

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Breathtaking Camping Sites Around the Philippines

In an archipelago filled with scenic mountains and tranquil nature trails, vacations are sometimes better spent in a tent than in a hotel. Picture waking up to a view of…

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