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Filipino Private Nurse Receives Millions

Hadassah Peri: Filipino Private Nurse Receives Millions from Billionaire Heiress

If karma is true, then we would all be kind, but sometimes nobody believes in kindness anymore. Let the story Hadassah Peri prove something about that. Meet Hadassah Peri, Nanny…

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Inspiring Metro Manila Supermarket

Inspiring Metro Manila Supermarket Gives Work to People with Autism

Savemore in Light Mall in Mandaluyong City has gone viral on social media when word got around that the supermarket employs autistic people. Scroll down for video Mandaluyong Supermarket Employs…

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Faith in Humanity Restored

Faith in Humanity Restored: Dog Rescued from Storm in Tarlac

Bad events sometimes give birth to heartwarming stories and this story of a rescued dog in Tarlac, Philippines, is just one of them. During the monsoon season, tropical storms ravage…

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Homeless Boy's Dream

Homeless Boy Dreams of Being a Superhero

Many children dream of becoming superheroes. For 9-year-old Daniel Cabrera, however, it will be more than just about wearing tights and capes. The homeless boy’s dream is to finish school…

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