Chinese New Year Decor Ideas for Your Home

A few days after the Christmas and New Year celebrations, people start taking down their Yuletide decorations and begin preparing for another annual event: Chinese New Year. This is a Chinese spring festival that commemorates the beginning of another year in the lunar calendar, the traditional calendar system that the Chinese also go by. The festival isn’t set on a specific date each year, but it is usually celebrated at around January or February because the lunar calendar restarts around that time. The festival isn’t just limited to Chinese people or those living in China. They are also celebrated by Chinese-speaking communities and even non-Chinese people around the world. 

Chinese New Year falls on a different date each year; this year, it’s on January 25, which falls on a Saturday. Most decorations for this occasion involve the color red as well as images and tokens that are considered lucky in Chinese culture. This year, because this is the year of the rat, expect a lot of rat-shaped decorations and ornaments. 

When decorating your home for the Chinese New Year, you can get a few ideas from the suggestions below:

Chinese New Year
  • Chinese Red Lanterns 

These kinds of lanterns are commonly seen during important festivals in Chinese culture. During Chinese New Year, you can often see these lanterns hung on doors of houses and buildings and even on branches of trees. They are believed to ward off bad luck to a household or an institution.

  • Door Couplets 
Chinese New Year

New Year couplets are cloth banners on which are typically inscribed people’s best wishes for the new year. These wishes or positive statements are often posted in pairs, as it is generally believed in China that pairs or even numbers bring good luck and auspiciousness.

  • Paper Cuttings
Chinese New Year

Paper cutting is the practice of cutting out all kinds of designs from paper and pasting them onto any transparent or contrasting surface, such as a window pane. In China, especially in the northern and central parts, it is customary for people to paste red paper cuttings on the windows and doors of their houses. 

  • Chinese New Year Paintings

Paintings are also widely pasted on doors and windows during this time, and they are done so mainly for decorative reasons and to greet the coming year. The images displayed on the paintings are usually auspicious plants or legendary figures.

  • Kumquat Trees

Kumquat trees are also very popular in many households during this time of year, especially in places like Macau, Hong Kong, Guangxi, and Guangdong, where Cantonese is widely spoken. If you displayed a kumquat tree in your home during the Chinese New Year, it meant that you wished for both good luck and wealth

  • Blooming Flowers 

Lastly, as the Chinese New Year also signals the end of winter and the beginning of spring, this is also the time when most families who celebrate the festival decorate their houses with bouquets of blooming flowers. Displaying flowers meant that you welcomed the coming of spring and wished for a bountiful new year. 


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