Fun Christmas Party Games You Must Try

Christmas Party Games

Christmas season is the most anticipated time of the year. Aside from the sumptuous food served on the table, everyone gathers around for some Christmas party games and spends the whole night laughing with family and friends. In the Philippines, boring isn’t in anyone’s dictionary, so you can trust that Christmas party games will be all about twists.

Just like these games.

10 Christmas Party Games You Should Try This Year

From the always-present limbo rock to the new suck-and-blow game, here are some of the funnest Christmas party games you and your whole family should play to make your next event even more fun and lively.

1. Longest Line

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Longest Line

The longest line is a classic party game everybody wants to play, especially during Christmas. In Longest Line, kids and adults form into groups and create a single line. The fun part of this game is that no items are given to the members, and they have to use whatever they have on like belts, necklaces, bracelets, and slippers. Men even take their shirts and trousers off just to make their team’s line even longer. The group to make the longest line in a specified time wins the game.

2. The Boat Is Sinking

The Boat is Sinking

The Boat Is Sinking is definitely one of the most played Christmas party games in the Philippines.

To start the game, the host calls out, “The boat is sinking. Group yourselves into [insert number].” The participants will then have to find other players to form a group with, depending on the number. Players who fail to join in any group and groups fail to meet the required number of members will be eliminated. The last group standing is considered the winner.

3. Pabitin


One of the merriest Christmas party games is the Pabitin. It involves a hanging wooden lattice tied with different goodie bags suspended in midair. The lattice will be lowered down using a thin rope and then pulled back up quickly, and kids will have to jump and try to grab as many prizes as they can. Of course, the tallest are at an advantage, but that does not mean the shorter ones go home with nothing. As long as you jump with all your might, you will get something.

The game also has an adult version, where players get to win cash prizes instead of toys and candies. Of course, the lattice will be positioned above the players so it would be harder for them to grab something.

4. Calamansi Relay

Calamansi Relay

The calamansi relay is a game of patience. Players bite the end of the spoon, and a calamansi is held on the spoon’s bowl. Then they have to race around a designated mark, and once they get back to the starting point, the players pass the calamansi to the next person and the latter will have to follow the same mark. Should the calamansi fall off the spoon, the team will have to start all over again. No one is allowed to use their hands throughout the game.

The first group to finish the relay wins the game. Some use eggs as an alternative to calamansi, setting the difficulty bar even higher, as eggs are heavier and easily break.

5. Santa Limbo

Santa Limbo

Of all the Christmas party games, nothing makes you bend and kneel like the Santa Limbo or Limbo Rock. The rules of the game are deceptively simple, yet it takes exceptional flexibility to win.

A pole is held parallel to the group by either two people or a stand, then the players form a line and, in turn, attempt to pass under without touching the ground or the limbo stick. The pole is lowered by a few inches every time a contestant is eliminated. The last player standing—or limbo-rocking—is the winner.

6. The Toilet Paper Party Game

The Toilet Paper Party Game

If there are people at the party you want to know more about, then you should try this toilet paper game. To play it, the host will ask the players to get as many tissue paper as they could without telling them what it is for. The game master only reveals the mechanics of the game once it commences.

After this, the players will take turns sharing one fact about them. One fact means one tissue paper taken out of the box. The team with the most tissue paper wins the game, so if you want the prize, you have to spill the beans.

7. Jingle Ball Shake

Jingle Ball Shake

This game helps you discover who among your peers can actually dance.

A tissue box with ten jingle bells inside is tied around the players waist. The audience will then start singing the classic “Jingle Bells” song, and players are given one minute to dance their heart out and shake the bells off the box. The person with the least number of balls in the box wins the game.

8. Balloon Relay

Balloon Relay

The balloon relay is the best game to play for big groups. Players form two groups and each team must have an even number of players. The game is played in pairs. A balloon is positioned between the players’ bodies, and they have to race to a specific mark and back. Once they’re back to the starting line, they need to press their bodies to pop the balloon, and only then can the next pair move.

9. Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo

Pinoy Henyo is the Filipinos’ take on Family Feud. Adults and kids group into two, and each team has to have an even number of members. The two teams have an alternating chance of playing the game. Each round, a pair from each team moves forward as the group’s representatives.

To start the game, a paper with a word or phrase (usually names of famous people, places, a movie, or TV show, or an animal) written on it is taped to one of the playing pair’s forehead. This player will have to guess the world with the help of their partner. The guesser can ask what category the word belongs. They can also ask questions, to which their partner will respond with yes, no, or maybe.

Every playing pair has one minute to guess as many words as they can. The team with more points gets the prize.

10. Suck and Blow

Suck and Blow

Nothing beats a true classic. Whether you want to spark a new romance or just looking for obscure ways to get a holiday kiss, Suck and Blow is the perfect game to play.

In this game, there can be two or more groups with even number of members. Each player will then have to pair up with one of their teammates, and they all form a line. The first player then gets a card, with each of them sucking on the either side of it. They have to hold on to the card using their lips as they walk to a designated area and back before passing it to the next pair in line. Players must not touch or drop the card, they have have to start again.

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