5 Classroom Game Ideas to Make School Exciting

The cause of an unresponsive classroom can be due to a number of things, but one common cause is bored students. We bet the image of no one raising their hands to participate is all too familiar. Get them up and moving with any one of these classroom game ideas. When students are interacting and engaged, they won’t have to time to get bored!

5 Classroom Game Ideas to Make Your Subject Fun


Nostalgic and challenging, PANTS makes for a brilliant classroom game in an elementary English class. The acronym stands for places, animals, names, things, and score. You may alter the categories for difficulty according to your class’s grade level. First, divide the class into teams, each with their own boards. Then pick any letter from the alphabet for each round. Within a time limit, the teams must identify one example per category. The team with the most correct answers wins.

Pinoy Henyo


Pinoy Henyo (literally Filipino genius) is played between teams of two. The goal is to guess a word in the shortest amount of time. In this case, let the word be a key word from your lesson. First, a member from one team sits in front. Place a small board with the key word written on it near their forehead. The board should face the class and not the student so that they could not see the word. The student then guesses the word by asking their teams yes-or-no questions. Their team can only reply with “Oo” (yes), “Hindi” (no), or “Pwede” (maybe). The student should come up with the answer in 1 minute and 30 seconds. The team with the most answers wins.

Two Truths, One Lie

This a True or False activity made fun. First, come up with three statements from your lesson. Tell your class that each set of questions contain two true statements and only one false statement. Divide the class into teams. For every set of three statements, each team must then be able to identify which statements are true and which one is false. The team with the most correct answers wins.

First to the Front

Perfect as a mathematics, English, or social studies classroom game, First to the Front has long been a favorite among teachers. One student from each team starts in a line at the back of the classroom and take one seat forward for each question they answer correctly, sentence finished, or word guessed. The first to the front wins.



Hangman can be used at the start of the class as a classroom game to warm up the students and get them active. This is especially good for young students. First, think of a key word from your lesson and write the number of letters on the board using dashes to show many letters there are. Provide the shortest phrase as a clue. Then ask students to suggest a letter. If it appears in the word, write it in all of the correct spaces. If the letter does not appear in the word, write it off to the side and begin drawing the image of a hanging man.

For PE class, check out these traditional Filipino games the kids might enjoy.

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