19 Clever DIY Project Ideas for Your Home

Clever DIY Project Ideas

We have shared clever DIY project ideas that make use of recyclable materials lying around unused at home in the first part of this article series. We’ve learned how to turn soda can tabs into a unique bag and how we can use laces to make our lamps look more elegant. This time, let’s take a look at more clever DIY projects you can do at home to repurpose empty bottles and other supposed-to-be-thrown materials.

Easy and Clever DIY Project Ideas for All Homeowners

11. Make Cherry Blossom Art

Make Cherry Blossom Art

Cherry blossom–themed designs are always a yes. But perfecting it is undeniably hard. Well now, worry no more as here’s a smart way of completing a good cherry blossom art: use the bottom of an empty bottle.

More info here.

12. Recycled Soda Bottles

Recycled Soda Bottles

Soda bottles often come in large sizes and they’re made of a material that is often recycled. So it’s not surprising to see a lot of clever DIY project ideas that use these—and that includes a soda bottle broom.

13. Solar Light Bulb

Solar Light Bulb

This next use of an empty bottle of soda is pretty ingenious and very helpful. Just get an empty bottle, fill it with water and add bleach and you get your own solar bottle bulb. This can serve its full purpose in houses and areas where there is no electricity or the power is very limited.

More info here.

14. Rose Pendant

Rose Pendant

You’ll think it’s store-bought, but this pendant is actually handmade. Its main material? Plastic spoons. Learn how to make one yourself! More info here.

15. The Cutting Board Bird Feeder

The Cutting Board Bird Feeder

Here’s an easier way to feed your little feathery friend. An old cutting board and a few very accessible materials are all you need. More info here.

16. Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamp

Making a Cardboard Lamp

Cardboard Lamps

Who says lamps can only be made of expensive and fancy materials? On this lsit of clever DIY project ideas, we give you a way to make your own elegant lamp—using old cardboards! Cut the cardboard into parts, fold them into six- or seven-sided shapes, join them together, and voila, you now have an enchanting lamp to hang in your room.

17. DIY Vase

Creating a DIY Vase

DIY Vase

When a bulb stops working, it doesn’t mean it should go straight to the trash bin. One of the most clever DIY project ideas out there is to turn these dead bulbs into a vase. Clean it up and remove everything inside and anything connected to it, make another DIY holder, add water, then that’s good to go.

18. Easy Table Top Planter

Easy Table Top Planter

It looks like it was especially bought somewhere, but this planter is actually made from an empty tuna can and a clothes pegs. All you have to do is to clip the pegs around the can.

More info here.

19. Cloud Night Light

Cloud Night Light
Night Light

What better way to give your room a little upgrade than to add magical lights? Try this one right here, and the next time you try to fall asleep, you’ll find yourself gazing at your wall.

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