8 Contemporary Design Trends for the Filipino Home

Contemporary Home Designs

Fashions trends come and go, and so do home decoration trends. Every year, there are new colors, prints, and decorations that are the “it” thing in style and fashion. It is good to give your home an annual update so that your living space does not look dated and stuck in a certain era. For the year 2016, the Chicago Daily Tribune says that wool rugs, art deco–inspired patterns, and encaustic tiles are part of the big design trends. Interior designers Joy Munar-Alba and Maximino “Maksi” Ouano Dy II, both alumni of the Philippine School of Interior Design, are sharing some of their insights on how you can update your homes with contemporary home designs.

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Contemporary Home Designs to Use to Rev Up Your House

You don’t have to go back to the classic to give your home that unique look. Here are contemporary home designs that are good enough—if not even the greatest—help if you want to upgrade the overall look of your house. Find out what you can do to make it just as perfect as you want it to be.

Choose metals

Metal Design

Dy says, “The emphasis is on rose gold with brass, copper and gold in polished and brushed feel. These metals bring a warm feeling to interiors, and pairing these with dark color will add a statement as well. Last year, these materials were slowly introduced in the market through Tom Dixon, a British industrial designer who used these materials for lighting, furniture, and accessories.”

Use colors

Using Colors in Design

Classic choices would be whites, grays, or neutrals. Then you can accent with rose quartz and serenity, which was declared as the color of the year.

Do open plan design

Open Plan Design

Affordable homes don’t have the luxury of size, so having the traditional closed layout of rooms is no longer practical. One of the best contemporary home designs, Munar-Alba says, is to try combining spaces. She shares, “Knocking down walls and merging spaces is the best solution. (This) is the best solution to shaking off that feeling of restriction. It makes your home look and feel bigger.” She also suggests having a high ceiling or using glass doors and large windows that will allow more natural light in the room.

Try upcycling

Upcycling Design

For condo residents, Dy suggests having custom-made furniture, but that doesn’t mean you constantly have to make changes. If you have any existing pieces that will work well in your new design, go ahead and use them. Rattan is a popular material making a comeback now.

Mix old and new

Old and New Design

Choose items that look good together even if it is unconventional. Have statement pieces that will give you and your guests a talking point. Combine materials and textures to break boring monotone palettes.

Recycle, reinvent, and repurpose

Four Rs Design

Munar-Alba has been an interior designer since 1996. She says her four Rs are recycle, repurpose, reinvent, and reuse. These should be considered by the homeowners when they seek to improve and update their homes. Using cost-effective and environmentally friendly choices can give your space a timeless look that never falls out of fashion.

Think about using ethnic prints

Design Using Ethnic Prints

One of the most recommended contemporary home designs, using ethnic prints can be done as well. The Philippines has many indigenous tribes that have their own intricate and beautiful patterns.

Have a theme

Design with Themes

Shabby-chic is still “in” when choosing home designs. This trend started in the United Kingdom and favors a worn but comfy look. Eclectic is also another trend. Mixing different textures and time periods can look great when you mix and match the right pieces for the room.

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