Creative DIY Storage Ideas to Keep Your Home Ultra Tidy

Creative DIY Storage Ideas

Besides comfort, neatness is something most homeowners should maintain. One way to keep your space clean is always have things organized. But if you have more stuff than what your home can only house, then looking for storage spaces can be challenging. But worry not, after the first part of this article series, we have here more creative DIY storage ideas that will really be helpful.

Check out our list of creative DIY storage ideas every homeowner will find useful.

Creative DIY Storage Ideas You Can Apply at Home

Your Dresser

Vanities keep your toiletries and jewelry organized. You can build yourself a vanity by using two nightstands and a glass table top. Add a three-way mirror on top and you have your very own unique dresser.


Mobile Storage Table

If you love having a cup of coffee in the morning but do not have a coffee table, improvise! Get a large picnic basket and use it as a coffee table. Great thing about using a basket is that it will double as a storage area.

Mobile Storage Table

Use the Space Under the Bed

Seasonal items can be stored neatly in these convenient under-the-bed pullout organizers.

Space Under the Bed

DIY Coat Rack

Don’t let your space become cluttered. Hang up your items with a simple but stylish DIY coat rack. In the photo below, they used a tree branch for a rustic coat rack design.

Coat Rack

Use Crates as Cabinets

You can stack wooden crates in your garden shed to organize all the tools and items in your storage space.

Crates as Cabinets

Hang Items on Pegs

A peg rail can hold large items like brooms and rakes without cluttering your floor space. Having a place for everything may be much better so you know exactly what you have and nothing stays put collecting dust.

Hang Items on Pegs

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