Authentic Filipino Daing Silog Recipe

Daing Silog

Daing silog is a type of meal with fish paired with garlic fried rice and egg. This dish has its own category because it is usually a meal with either meat or fish served with sinangag (pickled papaya) and fried egg. Other famous silog dishes that belong in this same category are tapsilog and tosilog.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Preparing Daing Silog

The silog is the ultimate breakfast food. However, this is considered as a heavy meal. Eating heavy meals during breakfast can provide the necessary energy that you will need for at least half of your day.

Daing na bangus needs to be prepared at least a day before because it tastes a lot better if you marinate it properly in vinegar and spices. The longer you marinate it, the more flavor is absorbed into the fish.

Essentially, though, it is fried fish. For your meal, pan-fry the fish in medium heat, until it turns golden brown.

Fried Bangus

As it is with silog meals, the eggs can be cooked in any way you prefer, but fried eggs remain to be the favorite—two sunny side ups.
Fried Egg
Any silog dish will not be complete without sinangagfter all, it’s the “si” in silog. For the fried rice, it is always best to use cold leftover rice, so you can put your leftovers in the refrigerator the night before and have it ready for frying in the morning.
Papaya atchara or pickled papaya adds some flavor in the dish as it serves as a side dish and can help boost your appetite. Dip your fried fish in spicy vinegar to enhance the taste as well. Top your rice and dish with scallions (or green onions) to give it that picture perfect appearance.
Fried Rice

Simple Daing Silog Recipe


  • 3 medium daing na bangus, fried
  • 3 eggs
  • 5 cups garlic fried rice
  • ¾ cups papaya atchara (optional)
  • 3½ tablespoons cooking oil
  • 2 tablespoons chopped scallions


  1. Marinate your milkfish (bangus) in vinegar, salt, pepper, and lots of garlic, preferably the night before you have to cook it.
  2. Prepare your sinangag (garlic fried rice). Cook it in oil and garlic. Set aside.
  3. Heat oil in a pan. Once the oil gets hot, fry the eggs. You can make it sunny side-up, over easy, or basted (that’s the beauty of the silog).
  4. Arrange the fried daing na bangus, sinangag, and eggs on individual plates. Serve with papaya atchara and spicy vinegar. Sprinkle some chopped scallions on top for aesthetic value.
  5. Share and enjoy!

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