Decorating with Ultra Violet: How You Can Transform Your Home with Pantone’s Color of the Year

Decorating with Ultra Violet

Want to try decorating with ultra violet to start the new year on a stylish note? Then take a cue from the Pantone Color Institute! Each year, millions of designers from around the world come together to name the color of the year, and with 2018 officially ushered in, it was the stunning shade of ultra violet that earned the prestigious title.

Ultra violet is sleek, mysterious, and of course inspiring. It’s become common to use in package and graphic design by brands in many industries. Learn how to incorporate this stunning shade of purple into your homes as you keep reading below! Let’s explore ways of decorating with ultra violet, the 2018 Pantone color of the year.

Decorating with Ultra Violet: Tips and Tricks

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Create a minimalist bathroom with ultra violet walls

Ultra Violet Bathrooms

A lot of people may be intimidated by the idea of decorating with ultra violet. But in reality, it can be used in virtually every corner! For example, shades of violet are pretty common for bathrooms where they instantly create an aura of luxury. In the past, violet was often associated with royalty and the elite with most of their bathroom walls painted violet and adorned with ornate accent features. Use minimalist furniture and accessories to go with your ultra violet walls for a more contemporary feel.

Accent furniture to capture the imagination 

Accent Violet Furniture

Every single time Pantone releases their color of the year, people always use this as the perfect opportunity to use to accent furniture, especially for today’s trendy Milan furniture designs. Since ultra violet is such a bold and eye-catching color, use neutral backdrops with warm wood elements to create the perfect contrast.

Bring light to your bedroom with vibrant ultra violet walls

Vibrant Bedroom Walls

Darker colors are sometimes thought of as risky, especially when used in the bedroom. But in reality, dark shades aren’t as gloomy as you may have thought. A majority of people actually find shades of violet relaxing. Ultra violet is also known to absorb light, meaning mirrored furniture will only add to the richness of the color, creating a beautifully lit room.

Violet Bedroom

Pantone’s color of the year looks especially beautiful when you combine it with white and gray, so consider using these two colors when decorating with ultra violet. Don’t just limit it to the beds and walls, step out of your comfort zone and try using violet curtains, ceilings, and beds as well!

Make the house look more elegant with violet walls and ceilings

Violet Wall and Ceiling

Ultra violet is such a bold and stylish color that it’s just so fun to play around with it. Ultra violet is the perfect nuance to highlight architectural designs around your home such as an arched entryway or ceiling. Compliment it with stylish furniture and textures such as silk to bring the color out.

Accent pillows

Accent Pillows

If you don’t want to go all out with ultra violet, use subtle decorations such as accent pillows. Pair your violet pillows with neutral shades like light grey, white, or black creating a modern feel in your home.

Use purple wallpaper backdrop

Violet Wallpaper Backdrop

Wallpapers are a beautiful and bold way to bring a splash of color to any space. It is less risky than painted walls and is a more affordable alternative as well.

Liven up living rooms with purple walls

Living Room Walls with Character

The best thing about ultra violet is that it is nowhere near the power-glam purple that anyone would want to squint their eyes at the mere sight of it. The color is rather rich and indulgent that it tends to look lush when paired with bright and neutral elements. You can achieve this by incorporating furniture into bright nuances like red and orange, as well as wooden panels or window sills painted in white, beige, or grey.

Dine like a royal with plush violet chairs

Dining Chairs with Flair

Now dining room designs can be tricky. The main idea is to focus on accentuating one feature only. For example, you can focus on lighting by having a chandelier adorned at the center of the room. For furniture, choose ultra violet chair covers to turn ordinary dining chairs into colorful elements for your dining area.

Beautify the kitchen with violet cabinets

Violet Kitchen Cabinets

Violet isn’t exactly the first choice when it comes to designing a trendy look for kitchen furniture. But what is a better way to achieve a look of a place that bursts with energy than with purple cabinets? Regardless, this should be your year of taking chances! Why not choose a color that’s out of your comfort zone?

Adorn any room with stylish curtains

Kids Room with Violet Curtain

Curtains are always a great way to bring color to a room. Remember that the room should be as minimalistic at best when it comes to decorating with ultra violet and hanging curtains of that color. A toned-down chromatic palette and simple furniture should go perfectly with a pair of vibrant curtains. Kick things up a notch by adding this accent color in head boards and pillow cases as well.

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