Learning How to Cook the Delicious Crispy Bagbagis

Crispy Bagbagis

Filipinos are not a fan of leftovers, maybe that’s why the country’s cuisine has a lot of dishes that have them utilizing usually ignored animal parts and turning them into something so delicious, you’ll forget to ask what it is actually made of.

From the sizzling sisig that is made from pig’s ears and cheeks, dinuguan that is basically a pigs’ blood stew, to crispy pata or friend pig trotters, you can expect to see a variety of Filipino dishes you never thought could actually be made. But of course, just because these treats are cooked using the rarely used ingredients does not mean they’re not edible; in fact, these are one of the real treasures the country has to offer.

Crispy Bagbagis Recipe

One particular food everybody is crazy over is the crispy bagbagis or crispy deep-fried pork intestine (yes, this time, it’s the intestine). This rather unusual delicacy is made from a pig’s large intestine, cleaned, salted, seasoned, deep-friend until crispy and crunchy. And it may not look like it, but crispy bagbagis is a very popular dish in the Visayas, particularly Ilocos.

Crispy bagbagis is best consumed with beer, which is why it is always present during fiestas and other big occasions. Now if you are preparing for a big event, it’s high time you learn this amazing dish. If you don’t know where and how to start, worry not, as we’ve got you covered.

Crispy Bagbagis Recipe You Definitely Have to Try

Here is a crispy bagbagis recipe you—and your guests—will definitely love.


What to prepare

1 kg pork intestines (preferably the large ones, pre-cleaned)
5 tbsp rock salt (coarse)
1 tbsp peppercorn
3 cups cooking oil
dried bay leaves

How to cook the crispy bagbagis

Note: before you proceed, make sure the intestines are properly cleaned. Clean the insides and outside walls using running water. Rinse it. This part takes a lot of time, but it is very important, don’t worry, it will all be worth it.

1. Boil water in a large container.
2. Once it boils, add the (cleaned) intestines and boil for another 15 minutes.
3. Discard the water. Pour in a clean batch of water. Boil again for another 15 minutes. And then discard.
4. After discarding the water, pour in another clean batch onto the pot. Let boil.
5. Add the salt, peppercorn, and bay leaves. Boil for 1 hour.
6. Remove the intestine. Let cool.
7. Cut the pork intestines into small pieces and rub the remaining salt all over it. Let stay for at least five minutes.
8. Pour in oil into a large pot and let heat. Add the intestines and deep-fry until it’s crispy and crunchy.
9. Serve.

The crispy bagbagis goes best with spicy vinegar, so don’t forget to prepare the sauce too before serving it to your guests. (Friendly tip, serve it first to your visitors who are enjoying some booze. They will definitely appreciate it.)

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