DIY Magical Fairy Lantern for Your Little Princess

DIY Magical Fairy Lantern

Every little girl wants to experience her own fairy tale, and sometimes, at night, when they feel that monsters are lurking beneath their beds, it is great if they have a magical light that could help them feel brave in the darkness. So check out this DIY magical fairy lantern to help your little girls experience magic as they go to sleep.

DIY Magical Fairy Lantern: Materials and Procedure

  • An empty jar
  • White acrylic paint
  • Sponge or paintbrush
  • Fairy silhouettes
  • Craft knife
  • Cutting board
  • Tissue paper
  • Wood glue
  • Hot glue
  • Stickers
  • Rechargeable tea lights

Use this pattern if you wish.

Pattern for Magical Lantern

Magical Lantern Fairy

Design for Magical Lantern

Wash the inside of the jar and remove labels and sticky residue. Using a sponge or a large paint brush, dab the inside of the jar with white acrylic paint to create texture. Let the paint try for an hour between coats, until only light can be seen through the jar.

Glue some tissue paper on to the bottom of the jar. If you have some preserved moss or bark, these work great as well.

After doing so, paste your fairy cutouts or other paper designs onto the bottom of the jar and just touching the sides. You can even create 3-D illusions by leaving a bit of space between the cutouts and the sides of the jar.

Spray-paint the lid of the jar and let dry. Punch two holes on the top of the lid on opposite sides of the handle and bend a piece of coat hanger in. Push the ends through the lid holes and secure by bending the ends inward and make sure to tape over the sharp edges.

Add your base to the lantern by painting another metal lid with the same color or by using a round, wooden base. Use wood glue to attach it to the jar. Add thin strips of tape, crisscrossing over the back and front to imitate a lantern pattern.

Place a rechargeable tea inside the lantern and light up. With this DIY magical fairy lantern, you will have a pretty little night light for your little girl.


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