Cheap DIY Projects That Add Personality to Your Home

Cheap DIY Projects That Add Personality to Your Home Part 2

After giving you a long and comprehensive first list of easy DIY projects for home, we have listed more decor ideas you can do for yourself at any time you find convenient. Worry not, just like the ones on the previous list, these easy DIY projects for home are non-time-consuming and definitely inexpensive!

Make the Most of Your Free Time with These Easy DIY Projects for Home

9. Custom Shelves

You can get hobby lobby brackets anywhere, and they probably won’t run out of wood at the lumber yard—use these two things to create a unique shelf. The best part? You can choose any style and use any color of paint, so it’s definitely going to scream “you.”

Custom Shelves

10. Curtain Headboard

Place a curtain rod behind your bed and pick your favorite curtains to turn into a headboard. Looks comfortable and elegant, doesn’t it?

Curtain Headboard


11. Mosaic CD Mirror

Frame a simple mirror with broken CDs. You can use different types to get different colors or recycle the ones you used to burn those (failed) mixes all those years ago. The end result will be gorgeous.

Mosaic CD Mirror

12. Mantelpiece Decor

Create an elegant and decorative statement over the mantelpiece by using base boards and metal signs that you get from any hobby store. This is especially great for the holidays.

Mantelpiece Decor

13. Antique Style Table

This one might be a little too easy. All you need is a shelf and a paintbrush. Turn any floating shelf into a beautiful antique style table.

Antique Style Table

14. Frame Shelf

Old frames, some small planks, and a bit of hammering can get you far. Create a cool shelf for displaying trinkets and cool finds.

Frame Shelf

15. Furry Desk Chair

Deny it all you want, but furry chairs are just better than plain old plastic ones. Turn a boring office chair into one with tons of personality (albeit Pottery Barn–like). Cozy!

Furry Desk Chair

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