Cheap DIY Projects That Add Personality to Your Home

Cheap DIY Projects That Add Personality to Your Home

Home designs are great for impressing family and guests, but exquisite tastes come with a price tag. To save money on redecorating, add your own touch of accents to make the house truly yours.

Redecorating costs, especially if you’re keen on hiring the best designers, can cost hundreds of thousands, but if you are handy with a paintbrush and few tools, you just might be able to create a lovely space for yourself.

Here are some elegant yet easy DIY projects that are great for those who believe they do not have enough cash to spare. With these affordable projects, you have no reason to put off redecorating for another year.

Easy DIY Projects for Home You Need to Check Out

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1. Chalkboard Wall Paint

Forget school. Chalkboard paint is popular now, as you can put them absolutely anywhere; however, it does work best in kitchens and children’s rooms. If you want to add more creativity, these paints are also somehow magnetic, so you can do a lot with little.

Chalkboard Wall Paint

2. Wine Cork Necklace Rack

Showcase your love for wines without seeming like an alcoholic by turning some wine corks into a necklace rack to display your jewelry. With easy DIY projects like this, you’ll know something good can come out of all those wine corks you have lying around!

Necklace Rack Made Of Wine Corks

3. Floating Bookshelf

Impress your friends with your magical skills by creating a floating bookshelf out of the books themselves. Create an eye-catching illusion that will make your friends wonder whether or not you actually spent some time at Hogwarts those past few months you’ve been AWOL at the group get-togethers.

Floating Bookshelf

4. Gold Flower Pots

Luxurious gold can add some elegance, so why not use it for flower pots? Spray-paint ordinary flower pots with metallic gold to bring a sense of luxury to your apartment.

Gold Flower Pots

5. Moroccan Dream Stencil

A piece of cardboard is all you need to uplift a wall and give it a decorative Moroccan theme. Stencil in your design, and if you are tired of the look, you can just paint it over—no pesky (and expensive) wallpaper necessary.

Moroccan Dream Stencil

6. Half Nightstand

Give life to old furniture by turning an old table into a nightstand. Simply cut it in half, paint over with your favorite color, and put it up against your wall. It’s easy to make but will look elegant by the hallway or next to your bed as a side table.

Half Nightstand

7. White Feather Chandelier

If people compliment you on your heavenly cooking skills, why not throw a bit of a pun with a white feather chandelier that can add an exquisite look to your kitchen or dining room. An angel must have brought them around your place, right?

White Feather Chandelier

8. Personalized Handwritten Canvas

Plain walls are boring, but if you don’t want to commit to wallpaper or wall art, add a personal touch to your walls by writing out your favorite quotes or expressions on a blank canvas. Hang it up and voila, perfect personal expression masked as art.

Personalized Handwritten Canvas

For more of these smart DIY projects, read the second part of this article series on easy DIY projects for your home.

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