DIY Projects to Maximize Space in Your Living Room – Part 2

Space in Your Living Room

In the first part of this article series on the best living room projects for maximizing small space, we have come across helpful small space design ideas. And now we’ve come back with another list of ingenious projects to help you get more out of your tiny abode.

Living Room Projects to Maximize Every Tiny Nook in Your House

The city seems to be a really ideal place to live. Living in an urban area means easier access to commodities that are hardly available in rural places. But because almost every millennial dreams of moving to the city in hopes of a more comfortable life, cities have become more crowded. The result? You get a living space, but it’s too limited.

But limited living space should not stop you from living large. It is just a matter of learning a few organizing tricks to maximize the space you have. From using ottoman with built-in storage to displaying bed that doubles as coffee table, here are a few living room projects you can try to make your space seem bigger.

13. Urban Outfitters–inspired geometric-shaped shelves add character

geometric-shaped shelves

14. Triple duty ottoman stores books and alters as a coffee table

Triple duty ottoman

15. Storage trunks can be of more use as display tables

Storage trunks

16. Half-tables take up less space without sacrificing overall look


17. Cable spool as coffee table and book shelf

Cable spool

18. Modern pendant sconces take up less room

Modern pendant sconces

19. Old crate turned extra seat plus storage

Old crate

20. IKEA hack turns bed into a coffee table with storage space



21. Turn the coffee table into a raised table to eat on

coffee table into a raised table

23. Bookshelves made from books


24. Leather belts and wooden shelves

Leather belts and wooden shelves

There’s nothing wrong with having a tiny apartment, it is still something we can call our home regardless of its size. But when we let the size of our loft compromise comfort, that’s when we should consider changing our ways. We hope these living room projects will help you achieve the kind of comfort living you deserve.

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