DIY Projects to Maximize Space in Your Living Room

Maximizeing Space in Your Living Room

We all want a home big enough to house all of our stuff, but life being what it is, we can’t have everything. Somehow, we gotta learn to stick to a little apartment that fits our budget. But having a small space should not mean we have to throw away some of our belongings just to avoid making it look crowded. The trick? Learn how to maximize space in living room and all other parts of the house.

Maximize Space in Living Room with These Amazing Projects

Land costs have gotten very expensive these days, and with the sky-high prices come sky-high buildings. It is a good thing that we don’t have to pay for airspace, or things crowding would be a different story altogether. Unfortunately, it is very rare for condo and apartment units to be as large or as homey as a house in the suburbs.

To make small places comfortable to live in, you have to get creative with storage and design. So if you have to commit to pieces of furniture or accessories, you have to make sure that it will count for the overall look that you’re going for. Storage that has more than one function always wins—even better if they’re affordable.

Here are a few projects that you might want to try to maximize space in living room of your condo or townhouse:

1. Mounted shelving for storage

Watch the video in the end

Mounted shelving

2. Hanging planters for more open floor spaces

Hanging planters

3. Brass wall-mounted lamps make tables unnecessary

Brass wall-mounted lamps

4. Magazine stools for extra seating
Magazine stools

5. Old crates as wall mounted display shelves

Old crates


6. c as tables for added storage

Repurposed suitcases

7. Honeycomb shelves add style

Honeycomb shelves

8. Double duty ottoman do more than seat guests

Double duty ottoman

9. Space saving overlapping floating corner shelves

floating corner shelves

10. Quirky wall lamp for added ambiance

Quirky wall lamp


11. Hide knickknacks in wooden crates-turned coffee tables

wooden crates

12. Upcycle old dresser drawers as hanging display shelves

old dresser drawers

For more of these inventive projects that will help you maximize space in living room, check out the second part of this article series.

Watch the video below


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