DIY Projects You Can Do for Your Home: Part 2

DIY Projects You Can Do

Many homeowners are convinced that redecorating a home means spending money on new furniture and buying new materials. This is why even though there’s a strong want to do some little touch-ups, some just let the idea slip like it never came to them. But reality is, to improve your home does not necessarily mean to shell out your savings on new things.

We have already discussed some of these helpful DIY projects in the first part of this series, and now we’re back with more clever home improvement ideas. Check out our list of ways on how you can improve your home without spending too much.

Improve Your Home with These Quick DIY Ideas

DIY brass urchin may look expensive in stores, but you can do a lot with oven-baked clay, mini dowel, and spray paint. Yes, it can be that easy.

DIY Brass Urchin

This faux log fireplace facade is beautiful to look at…as long as you don’t really need the logs for real fire. Guess what this actually is?

Faux Log Fireplace

Well, this zebra rug is actually made using kraft paper, vinyl, and gold leaf paint. Color us impressed!

Zebra Rug

Add a designer look to your plain pillow covers with burlap and lace, and a little bit of fabric paint.

Pillow Cover

A floating screen? Not really, this amazing DIY will help camouflage your tv!

DIY Wall Paint

DIY Tufted Headboard add a certain kind of feel, and this trick makes it pretty easy to make.

DIY Tufted Headboard

Geode bottle stoppers add a certain glam to your personal bar.

Geode Bottle Stoppers

Succulent planters look even prettier with these handmade clay pots.

Succulent Plants

Dip-dyed candles are perfect if you want a summer ambiance by the sea.

Dip-Dyed Candles

This Ombre Chair can add a lot of style from a flea market find.

Ombre Chair

Need more suggestions? More do-it-yourself projects are discussed in the third part of this article series.

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