27 DIY Projects to Increase Value of Your Home: Part 1

DIY Projects to Increase

Among the most stressful times in a person’s life is selling a house that they’ve lived in. First, you have to let go of memories. Second, you have to make your house—with your own quirks and secrets—appealing to others. Just because there had been a lot sentiments in the place and you think it’s worth a lot of money, it does not necessarily mean that buyers think your house as valuable as you would initially see it. This is why, if you’re a home owner, one of the first things you need to do is to look for ways to increase value of your home and we got here some tips for you.

Increase Value of Your Home with These Simple Tips

Real estate agents and interior designers say that there are a couple of things people can do to make sure that their houses sell at a good price. For instance, small fixes can help it stand out from the rest and can even increase the value by 16 percent.

You may wonder whether or not it is worth the effort, but the reality is that many people, especially those with families, want to move in to a place that requires little change, if any at all.

Among the most important updates include an open plan living, updated kitchen, bathroom renovations, improved flooring, lighting, and even a fresh coat of paint. Also, when prospective buyers visit, remember to keep the place clutter-free and clean.

Here are some ways to increase value of your home.

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1. Stencils help your walls stand out

Stencils Wall Paper

More than keeping your windows and doors appealing, the walls have to be taken care of too. Stencil will do the trick. Make your walls stand out by choosing the right design, one that will catch the attention of anyone that sees it.

2. Minimal changes can upgrade bathrooms

Bathroom Changes

The bathroom is one of the most important areas in the house, so if you want to increase value of your home, pay attention to this part too. Few simple fixes will do it.

3. Laundry closets organize space and make you want to wash your clothes

Laundry Closet

Not everyone will care about the laundry area, it’s not something visitors will stay in anyway, but wouldn’t it give you a little motivation to finish your laundry if everything in there is in place? You can start by creating a little storage for the detergent, fabric conditioner, and the like.

4. Add some space under your washer and dryer with the use of a pedestal

Washer and Dryer Spaces

Make use of every vacant spot you see. Using a pedestal, you can add a little space under your washer and dryer where one can place small pieces of cloth.

5. Add more appeal to the kitchen with a simple table island

Kitchen Island

The kitchen is where mothers spend the most part of their day, so it is important to keep this area organized and eye-pleasing. To increase value of your home, how about adding a table island in your kitchen. This will sure impress potential buyers.

6. Repaint, don’t replace kitchen cabinets

Kitchen Cabinets

You don’t need to spend more money on replacing kitchen cabinets when you can just use the old ones and repaint them. It’s easier that way and it means less expenses.

7. Peel and stick films can transform and update refrigerators

Updating Refrigerator

Our refrigerators tend to look shabby after years of use, but no need to buy a new one if you want one that looks better, especially if the old one is not in any way damaged. With the help of peel-and-stick films, your ref will look like you just bought it a few days ago.

8. A tile mosaic backsplash can add some style

Tile Mosaic Backsplash

If repainting isn’t enough, use tile mosaic to add some style to some parts of the house.

9. Sliding walls add extra storage

Kitchen Storage

No need to buy new big cabinets for additional storage, that will just make your kitchen look more crowded. You can add sliding walls you can use to keep jars and other things you can’t fit in your refrigerator.

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