27 DIY Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home: Part 2

simple projects to increase value of your home

When looking for the best projects to increase value of your home, remember that it doesn’t have to be costly. To prove that true, here are some cheap fixes that will surely boost house value.

Simple Projects to Increase Value of Your Home

10. Turning small, empty spaces into storage is advisable

Additional Storage

If you see little spaces around the house, make the most out of them. You can turn them into storage for toys and the like, those stuff you would rather not see scattered on the floor. A good example would be the space under the staircase.

11. Blank walls–turned–bookshelf will be a good addition in your room

Using Blank Walls

The best projects to increase value of your home involve transforming plain-looking areas into something more eye-catching—like those blank walls in the house. If you yourself are a lover of books, it would make a perfect idea to turn these walls into book shelves or just a divider for figurines.

12. Floating shelves make a great space-saving solution

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves take lesser space so if you want someplace where you can keep everything organized without having to add another huge cabinets, then this is the DIY project you should start doing.

13. Drought-tolerant plants add beauty to the curb

Using Drought-Tolerant Plants

The outside of your house is what potential buyers will first see when they drop by, so it is important to make it as eye-pleasing as it can be. One good DIY project to increase value of your home is planting drought-tolerant plants around the curb to make it look less boring.

14. Vibrant colors make more attractive entryways.

Entry Way Plants

Vibrant colors have that power to make doors look more inviting. Do this in your home too!

15. Lighting is important

Lighting Tips

The lighting is a crucial part in anyone’s house. While some would think better lighting means buying new ones, this makeover idea will prove you wrong. It does not need to be expensive. You can just add a little decoration to the ones you already have at home, just like the one in the photo above.

16. New curtains could bring new life to the room

New Curtains

Sometimes, it’s the simplest fixes that would do the trick. If you want your house to look newer than it actually is, maybe it’s time you change some stuff, like your curtains. Choose the ones that will fit the theme of the rooms.

17. Log displays make a room look cozier

Log Display

This is one of the easiest projects to increase value of your home. Just remember not to light these logs if you’re from the hotter parts of the country.

18. Patios deserve a little upgrade

Patios Design

Patios are favorite places to hang out, so upgrade it with colorful furniture.

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