27 DIY Projects to Increase the Value of Your Home: Part 3

DIY Projects to Increase Value of Your Home

To complete this three-part series of articles, here are nine more DIY projects to increase value of your home. With simple fixes and without spending much, you can boost your house’s value, just keep these tips in mind.

DIY Projects to Increase Value of Your Home

19. Stained wood floors make more attractive space

Stained Wood Floors

Most of the time, home owners pay more attention to walls, forgetting the fact that floors deserve a little upgrade too. If you have wooden floor, staining them will make it more pleasing to the eye.

20. Stencils can also be attractive for concrete floors

Stencils on Concrete Floors

Stencils are mostly used on walls, but what most fail to recognize is that it can be used for floors too. Be creative with the design you will use and you’ll get the result you want.

21. Refinish hardwood floors to make them look like new

Refinish Hardwood Floors

Simply sweeping the floor or vacuuming it isn’t enough. To make it look like it’s relatively new, it’s better to refinish your hardwood floors.

22. Board and batten in the hallway makes a place look inviting

Board and Batten in the Hallway

Board and batten adds can character to your house, which is why it is often part of lists of DIY projects to increase value of your home.

23. Crown moldings make for an upscale look

Crown Moldings

Crown molding has always been considered an architectural feature that adds value to one’s home. From the visual presence that it offers alone, it is safe to say that there’s more to gain than lose when you apply crown molding along the seams. Although most crown moldings look like they’re modeled straight after an ancient Greek structure, some contemporary ones look simpler but nevertheless just as stunning.

24. Wainscoting entryways is great for more elegant welcomes

Wainscoting Entryways

First impression lasts, so pay attention to the parts of the house that your guest will see first. For a more welcoming and elegant entryway, wainscoting them makes a great idea.

25. Fences give more privacy to your background


Besides the privacy it offers, fences protect your property from wild animals and thieves that may trespass your home. While simple-looking fences are good enough, there are many ways to make house fences look more attractive.

26. Faux windows can update the look of your garage door

Faux windows

There are lot of fake window design ideas available out there. You should put a lot of consideration, however, into which design would suit your garage.

27. Painting your garage floor gives you a lot of benefits

Painting Garage Floor

Definitely one of most practical DIY projects to increase value of your home, painting your garage floor is more beneficial than you think. With this, the floor will be easier to clean and made resistant to oil stains, chemicals, water, mold, and mildew if you paint it. It may require you time, especially if you have a large garage, but it’s worth it.

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