DIY Window Curtain Designs

DIY Window Curtain Designs

You’ve been wanting to do a house makeover for a long time, but your budget just won’t allow you. Cheer up, mommies, there’s a quick way to do it with the barest minimum cost: change the design of your curtains.

Okay, so curtains still cost much despite it being just a flimsy fabric. Good thing there are DIY window curtain designs you can try. Making DIY items is like hitting two birds with one stone. You get to save Mother Earth by recycling your would-be trash items and turning it into something useful while making your home beautiful. Check out some of the DIY window curtain designs and see if the design ideas are applicable to you.

Easy and Inexpensive DIY Window Curtain Designs

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Unleash Your Painting Skills

Painted Linen Curtains

Transform your boring all-white linen into an interesting window curtain by adding a basic drawing for that classic feel. There’s no need for an advanced painting skills.

Recycle Your Old Bed Sheets

Re-Purpose Bed Sheets

Master seamstress or not, DIY window curtain designs like this can be done. Who would have thought that ruffled curtains made from old bed sheets can look this chic.

Use Vintage Doorknob as Tieback

Vintage Doorknob Tieback

Vintage doorknobs also make fashionable tiebacks for window curtains. If you have one at home that is not being used, it’s time to put it out of its hiding.

Create a New Valance with Stenciled Monogram

Stenciled Monogram Valance

Got a plain-looking valance? Give it a custom new look using a stenciled monogram.

Make Use of Old Pennant as Valance

No-Sew Pennant Valance

Don’t throw your old pennants as it can be made into a sporty window curtain. No need to sew, just tie the pennants, and it could be a fun addition in your kid’s room.

Make Use of Gold Chain as Tieback

Gold Chain Tieback

Add some sparkle elegance to your room by using a gold chain as your curtain tieback.

Have your Draperies Designed with Stencil Art

Stenciled Draperies

Your ordinary draperies can be customized into a curtain with a design you really want. You only need a few tools like stencils and spray paint.

Turn Your Unused Leather Belt into a Curtain Tieback

Leather Belt Tieback

There are many cool ways to reuse your old leather belts, and that includes using it as a tieback for your DIY window curtain designs. Just do the basic, mix and match.

Knot an Old Chiffon Fabric and Turn It into a Window Covering

Knotted Chiffon Cafe Curtains

Another curtain project design that is easy to make. Simply cut the chiffon fabric into your choice of length and tie it into a knot for a breezy window.

Recycle an Old Necktie

Neck Tie Tieback

Another house item that can be made into a curtain tieback is an old necktie. Repurpose them this way to add a masculine feel to a particular room.

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