Filipina, Dowry, and Marriage in the Philippines

Dowry and Marriage in the Philippines

With their gorgeous long, jet-black mane, petite body frames, and glowing skin, the Filipina has graceful manners. Many Filipina women have mestiza features because of the long history of colonization. Pinay women are beautiful and attractive. Generally, they are traditional women who have a prominent place in their household, yet more and more women are also being driven to have high positions in the workplace. But there’s more to a Filipina woman than her attractive physical features. And there’s a lot more to know about her than just what she is capable of. And one of the most important topics about a Filipino woman is her marriage life. To start off the discussion about this subject, it’s time to talk about dowry and marriage in the Philippines.

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Dowry and Marriage in the Philippines

The years of colonization have influenced how Filipina women behave in society. Many women are pious and have a strong connection to their families. Globally, the Filipina woman is perceived to be kind and loving, the type of woman that many foreigners fall for. That is the charm of the Pinay. They are excellent homemakers. Traditionally, their place was in the home, taking care of their families, but now many hold managerial positions. They manage to juggle a tough career with balanced family life. It is common to meet Filipina women who have been heavily influenced by Western culture. They are not afraid to speak their minds. The modern Filipino family is a mix of the influence of traditional and modern culture.

When a Filipina decides to get married, she and her partner will have to go through a series of consultation with their parents and relatives. And preparation does not only involve setting up the venue, deciding on the food to serve and souvenirs to give, inviting the guests, and the like. There’s something her soon-to-be-husband has to do before they can walk down the aisle—and that’s giving dowry.

Dowry and marriage in the Philippines have become more than just a form of paying respect to the woman and her family. Here’s why.

What Is Dowry?

Dowry and marriage in the Philippines is a strong testament to how dear and valued a Filipino woman is. In the Middle East and India, the dowry system is common. The dowry is the act of offering something valuable to the bride’s family by the groom. It could be jewelry, cash, land, or other valuable items. It is given as payment for raising a daughter. In the Philippines, this practice is different than in other countries. A dowry here in the Philippines is given to the daughter before the marriage to provide the couple something to start their life with. In the Philippines, the Bagobos and Muslim tribes are the ones who usually practice giving dowries during marriages.

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The giving of a dowry is more commonly practiced among the more affluent people. In India, the women give dowry to the males, which imposes a financial burden on those with daughters. This is one reason families in India prefer to have sons over daughters. Marriage for a Filipino is one of the greatest things. Divorce and abortion are abhorred in this Catholic country.

For Filipinos, courtship takes months or years. Parents who are traditional prefer that the suitor visits their home so that they are able to assess the attitude and behavior of the prospective suitor. The close family ties of the couple greatly influence their choice in who to marry. For many Filipinos, marriage is forever and that is why many are against divorce and separation.

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The Philippines is known to be a patriarchal country, and many women lobby for equal status in society. Females are given prime importance now. Despite the Western influence on the country, in the context of marriage and the Filipino home, the woman is still expected to be tender, caring, and loving to her husband and children.

The Filipina woman knows how to balance work life and a great family atmosphere. Any man that marries a Filipina is lucky. It is a source of pride for a Filipina to be noted as having a kind and loving attitude.

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