Easy Hacks You Could Do for Your Home

Easy Hacks You Could Do for Your Home

The art of making DIY home decor has always been popular and widely applied, and these simple decorating projects will not cost you a lot of money—with creativity being the only capital you need. These borderline genius ideas made of tape, origami, and toilet paper rolls could add a lot of class to your home, so go ahead and try these hacks to add more style to your home interior. These are safe, easy, and doable in a day—perfect for when you want to feel like you’ve achieved something over the weekend.

DIY Home Decor Projects to Give Your Space a Little Upgrade

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1. DIY pompom rug

DIY pompom rug

Although usually used and initially made for decorating purposes, pompoms can actually be turned into a rug that is helpful both in keeping your space clean and adding color to your too-plain room. This clever DIY home decor does a lot of tricks.

2. Holiday doormat

Holiday doormat

Let your guests be greeted by this smart and easy-to-make decor. All you need is a doormat, some paint, and a brush to complete the task. Remember to be wise and creative when choosing the right design, something that your holiday guests will surely like.

3. Anthropologie confetti tumblers

Anthropologie confetti tumblers

Here’s a home decor that will make a good addition to your dining table. All you need to do is to get a paint and design a plain glass tumblers with colorful dots.

4. Breakfast table

Breakfast table

Tired of walking a few meters from your bed just to be able to peacefully drink that much-needed cup pf coffee? A makeshift breakfast table is all set to solve your dilemma. Making it won’t require much effort nor money.

5. Penny vases

Penny vases

Using only an old vase, pennies, and glue, you can make this smart and old-fashioned yet elegant-looking home decor. This is a perfect way to make use of the pennies you have at home that you can never use again after they got phased out.

6. Wire organization ideas

Wire organization ideas

Tangled wires everywhere are not eye-pleasing. If anything, they make your space look messy. To solve this problem, here’s a good DIY wire organization hack. From an old cardboard, cut out fence-like shapes that you can glue around the corners of your home, they make a perfect way to hide cords.

7. Mandala bookshelf

Mandala bookshelf

It’s time to let go of the same horizontal shelves and welcome this new way of arranging your treasured books.

8. Monogram fall wreath

Monogram fall wreath

Let your creative side get out of its cage by trying this DIY project. It is easy to make, and the result makes a great way to add personality not just to your entranceway but to the entire house.

9. Hanging bathroom mirror

Hanging bathroom mirror

To add uniqueness to this often-disregarded part of the house when it comes to decorating, try reusing some of your old ropes at home, color them, and use them to hang your bathroom mirror. It’s a very simple DIY home decor project, but the result will make a huge difference.

10. Paper curtain

Paper curtain

We used to do this a lot in school, so it is not really new. But applying it for real at home would be a little too much of a risk. But you don’t have to worry, once you have done it and have the finished product hung, you will see it will all be worth it. You can pain the paper curtain too with the color of your preference to make it look more artistic.

For more smart DIY home decor ideas, read the second part of this article series.

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