A Lovely Modern Bahay Kubo in the Philippines

A Lovely Modern Bahay Kubo in the Philippines

For centuries, the nipa hut or bahay kubo became a symbol of bayanihan (togetherness, unity) for Filipinos, especially for those who have resided in the rural area. The term literally means “cube house,” which is an accurate description of its appearance. Today, they continue to thrive and provide housing in provinces. The homey appearance of a modern bahay kubo home easily reminds one to enjoy the simple pleasures in life.

One of the most popular bahay kubos in the country can be found at the University of the Philippines, Los Baños. The famous bahay kubo in Los Baños was built 63 years ago by Isolina Calma. She lived in the property with her husband, a professor at the university, Dr. Valeriano Calma, and their eight children. Today, one of their children, Josephine, now lives in this house with the rest of the family often paying visits.

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A Taste of Filipino Living: Famous Bahay Kubo in Los Baños

As soon as you the bahay kubo comes into view, the garden appears very inviting.

Famous Bahay Kubo in Los Baños

Wicker is a material often used in making lightweight yet durable furniture. This living area is furnished with a sofa, wicker armchair, and a simple coffee table. It gives out a rustic feel, something commonly found in Filipino homes.

Outdoor Living Area

Another living area in the house can be found indoors. It is a well-ventilated area that provides a stellar view of the garden. Old chairs that are reminiscent of antique homes during the Spanish era decorate the place. Similar polished wood is used on the floor, ceilings, and other details.

Modern Bahay Kubo Living Area

This famous bahay kubo in Los Baños also features a guest receiving area by the window.

Bahay Kubo Living Area

Most people are collectors of vintage portraits, and the Calma family are no different. Hanging in above the grand piano is none other than Isolina Calma, dressed in a beautiful terno dress. According to her family, Isolina strongly believed that the bamboo material used to build her home should not be cut with Filipino months that ended with the letter O: Enero, Pebrero, Marso, Mayo, Hunyo, Hulyo, and Agosto.

The Grand Old Lady of the Bamboo House

The dining area sports sawali and oven split bamboo mats. The unique pattern gives a resort-like vibe to the entire home. Photos of the Calma family and their close relatives adorn the walls.

Modern Bahay Kubo Dining Area

The dining area features a glass cabinet with silver coffee sets and trays.

Glass Cabinet

CV Calma, one of Isolina’s sons, was the former president of the Philippine Orchids Society. He is said to have inherited his love for nature from his mother who cultivated this beautiful garden in their home.

Garden at the Modern Bahay Kubo

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