29 DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look Fancier: Part 1

DIY Home Upgrades

When you think of redecorating, you might get intimidated by the many things you have to do. Don’t worry, your dream home upgrade is just a weekend away—one weekend at a time. Check out these quick DIY home upgrades you can definitely do on your spare time.

Quick DIY Home Upgrades

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1. Buy inexpensive framed mirrors

Add some inexpensive framed mirrors to closet doors, then paint them to match. This will make the mirrors look built-in.

Framed Mirrors

2. Use tab curtains

These curtains would add some pop of color to the room, but it also works as a cover up for unsightly wire shelving.

Tab Curtains

3. Basket-weave your drapes

Basket-weaving drapes add a bit more style and make your curtains look more classy!

Basket-Weave Your Drapes

4. Use creative curtain ties

One of the most creative yet very simple DIY home upgrades involves adding hardware piece to your curtain ties to add more personality. You can get brass snap hooks at any hardware store.

Creative Curtain Ties

5. Use shower curtain wires to hide unsightly wires

This way, it will look cleaner and more organized. Wires tend to give that disorganized feel that you don’t want guests to see.

Hide Unsightly Wires

6. Use brackets

These brackets are a great way to decorate windows that don’t need to be covered up with curtains.

Use Brackets

7. Upgrade your shower curtain

Use napkin rings and ribbons to pretty up the shower curtain. Who said they have to be boring?

Shower Curtain

You could also opt to just tie the ribbons right onto the shower curtain rod. Napkin rings tend to get rusty anyway.

8. Mix and match your curtains

Sheer curtains look like a dream—fun, delicate, and feminine. Your teenage girl will love you for it.

Mix and Match Curtains

9. Arrange your rugs accordingly

Wrong rug placement can make even the most expensive ones look tacky. Trust us on this.

Arrange Rugs


10. Decorate your fridge

Any fridge could get a bit of upgrade with a bit of washi tape or spray paint.

Fridge Decoration

Read our second part article for more tips.

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