29 DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look Fancier: Part II

Home Upgrades

In need of more ideas on how you can upgrade your home the easy and inexpensive way? Here’s the second part of our list of home upgrades that are simple yet very helpful. You can read the first part here.

Imaginative Home Upgrades

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11. Upgrade your garage door

Faux windows add a bit of freshness to the look.

Upgrade Garage Door

12. Frame your TV

That way, it does not look like any generic piece of appliance. It also gives a bit of personality for such a boxy thing.

Frame your TV

13. Attach yarn tassels to your bed skirt

Fancy bedding can be very expensive, so why not get tassels on your own and attach them to your bed skirt?

Bed Skirt

14. Use a cake stand by your sink

It’s a simple but elegant solution to what could potentially be an organization problem. Besides, it can pass as a decor and will even make your plain-looking room look extraordinary.

Cake Stand

15. Cover up an unsightly air vent

When it comes to hiding the air vent, rubber doormats usually get the job done.

Covering Air Vent

16. Make old air vents look new again

A can of primer and a can of metallic spray paint can make your air vents look new and will cover at least ten of them too.

Air Vents

17. Create a makeshift canopy bed

Use curtain rods and curtains. Simple but definitely effective.

Canopy Bed

18. Accent ceilings

Meet today’s version of accent walls. Accent ceilings give a pop of color to your room. It will look pretty when you stare into blanks space at night.

Accent Ceilings

19. Upgrade light switch covers

Inexpensive craft store frames fit perfectly around your light switches, and they’re cheap! Go buy a bunch of them to make all of your light switches look pretty.

Light Switch Covers

20. Make windows look bigger

Use a curved shower curtain rod to make the windows look bigger. This is called balloon drapery, and it will make any living room look that much prettier.

Windows Look Bigger



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