29 DIY Upgrades That Will Make Your Home Look Fancier: Part III

Fancier DIY Home Upgrades

There are more ways to touch up your home than you can imagine. Besides the easy home upgrades discussed in the previous article, in the third part of this series of articles on inexpensive ways to redecorate your house, we introduce you to fancier DIY home upgrades that are celever but won’t break the bank.

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Fancier DIY Home Upgrades

21. Use liquid stainless steel paint

Yes, these thing exist, so go paint your appliances! You can give them all the same color, making for a more put-together kitchen area.

Liquid Stainless Steel Paint

22. Create taller ceilings

Paint your walls halfway. This is a guaranteed cheat to make your ceiling look taller.

Taller Ceilings

23. Settle for simple window shades

This one is is magnetic, movable, and there is no need to sew.

Simple Window Shades

24. Restain your furniture

Tired of that bright stain that makes your furniture look cheap? Lucky for you, getting the stain off a piece of furniture is easy. Restaining, equally so.

Restain Furniture

25. Frame bathroom mirrors

This will make your mirror “sit” nicely with the rest of your decor, especially if you’re all for a rustic style.

Frame Bathroom Mirrors

26. Update your kitchen backsplash

Use peel-and-stick 3-D gel-like tiles. Yes, they exist, and you can use them to make give your kitchen the upgrade it needs.

Kitchen Backsplash

27. Cover your unsightly cords

Like with the television wires, cords are also unsightly. Cover them with suede cording you can buy at craft stores.

Cover Cords

28. Upgrade your baseboards

Add a strip of trim a bit above your existing baseboards, paint in between, and you get faux thick baseboards. One of the most commonly used and fancier DIY home upgrades—this trick is inexpensive but pretty molding!

Upgrade Baseboards

29. Make your kitchen cabinets prettier

You can do it by adding molding and shelving to your cabinets. That there is extra storage is an awesome bonus, but it also adds a bit of polish and style to the kitchen.

Redesign Kitchen Cabinet

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