Aesthetic Trends in Filipino Christmas Decorations in 2019

christmas decorations trends

The whole world agrees that no one celebrates Christmas like Filipinos. Time and time again, the Philippines makes it way to facts and trivia on Christmas traditions due to the length of the merrymaking. The Filipino Christmas season starts on September 1 and ends on the Epiphany in January. You’ll literally hear Christmas carols and see lights and Christmas decorations put up on houses, establishments, and streets after the last day of August!

The traditions have been around for centuries, but how does the Filipino Christmas look like in 2019? Here are trends we’re seeing in Christmas decorations this year.

Trends in Filipino Christmas Decorations 2019

Native Filipino Christmas

Christmas Decorations

The original culture of Filipinos is slowly making a revival, and it’s stirring up a revolution. Gone are the Westerner-patronizing generations of Filipinos; millennials and Gen Zers are slowly reclaiming the real identity of the Philippines, and the designers of today are hearing the clamor. You’ll be seeing bamboo wood, Capiz shells, nipa, abaca, rattan, coconut wood, and piña used to make aesthetically pleasing lanterns, stars, Christmas balls, wreaths, nativity tableaus, garlands, and Christmas trees. Imagine the earth tones of these indigenous materials combined with the warm hues of yellow lights!

Rustic Christmas


Dried-up leaves, acorns, rough ropes, wooden buckets, wooden panels, crates, kegs, fairy lights, and organic textiles are not just for weddings. The rustic motif has made its way to the Christmas season and, right now, Filipino shops and hotels. Decorating your home in a rustic Christmas style creates a warm and inviting holiday retreat, both welcoming and relaxing after a cold rainy day.

Rose gold Christmas

Christmas Decorations

While you can never go wrong with classic red, green, and gold Christmas decorations, the world is so not over the rose gold shade yet ever since Apple popularized it in 2015. Right now, even Gaisano malls are offering a plethora of glittery rose gold Christmas decoration sets—from candelabras, Christmas balls, stars, and branches to ribbons, candles, wrapping paper, hollies, and poinsettia.

Minimalist Christmas


Due to the ever-increasing population growth in urban areas, the average millennial is often left with small apartments to move in. Today, millennials stick to their mantra of functionality and prefer minimalistic design that is devoid of all clutter mainly because this generation is more about efficiency, reasonable use of energy, and saving money. If your walls are painted in a bright, light shade, minimalist wall stickers are popular in online shops today, and there are Christmas stickers coming out this season. Indoor plants and natural colors are also trending due to the current generation’s lifestyle preferences. Add in geometric designs, real fallen branches, and paper ornaments.

A minimalist Christmas is not only practical; it’s also pretty!

Art deco Christmas


Designers are reviving the art deco movement in furniture, appliances, and even architecture! Popular designer HQ designs forecasts that, as an outlook for Christmas 2019, the art deco in furnishing trends would be reflected in seasonal decorations. Strong royal to dark blue, emerald or dark green, as well as classic dark red or Bordeaux-colored accents, are currently popular, so are velvety opulence, quality materials, and lush gold. Coupled with golden accessories and motifs such as peacock feathers and cones, you can create a Christmas flair as in the 1920s. Don’t forget the Cubist designs, machine-style forms of Futurism, the curves of Streamline Moderne, and the unifying approach of Art Nouveau on trinkets and patterns. SM malls are currently offering you Christmas decorations and gifts in art deco!


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