Here’s Why Filipino Christmas Parties Are the Most Festive Events of the Year

Pinoy Christmas Party

You have probably heard the phrase “It’s more fun in the Philippines!” There hasn’t been a more fitting tagline for a country that loves celebrations so much. All year round, there seems to be a celebration going on in every corner of this Southeast Asian nation. It culminates during the Christmas season with the commencement of a series of Filipino Christmas parties, which should be noted is celebrated in the Philippines as early as September.

A big part of the holidays for Filipinos are annual Christmas parties. Most foreigners find themselves surprised at how festive Filipino Christmas parties can be. Overflowing with food, drinks, and gifts. It perfectly complements the cheery disposition of the Filipino people.

These parties typically start in the first week of December or right before Christmas vacation. Read on to learn a few staples in Filipino Christmas parties below.

It’s More Fun in the Philippines: Common Traditions Observed at Filipino Christmas Parties

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Parlor Games in Filipino Christmas Parties

Christmas Pinoy Parlor Games

Parlor games are one of the most highly anticipated parts of the program. Everyone is encouraged to participate, and sometimes, even the CEO of the company is game enough to join! Winners are often awarded prizes like loot bags or mini gifts. Some examples of popular parlor games in the Philippines include newspaper dance, Trip to Jerusalem, relays, and Bring Me.


Christmas Foods

Filipinos love food and even dedicate hours in the kitchen preparing the perfect Christmas dish! Foods at Filipino  parties usually come in a variety. Organizers choose to have the party catered, others resort to potluck, where each attendee brings a specific dish for everyone to feast on.


Christmas Party Presentation

Filipinos excel in performing. What better time to showcase those hidden talents than at an event where all your loved ones are! Christmas party performances are often drizzled with comedy, making the event even more enjoyable than it already is.

Manito-Manita (Secret Santa or Exchange Gifts)

Giving Christmas Gifts

Manita-Manita is the Filipino version of the Christmas tradition known as Secret Santa. Randomly picking out your manita or manito is done a few days before the Christmas party. Employees, students, and groups of friends draw lots to find out whom they’ll be giving gifts to. Some people write down nicknames along with the gift they want to receiv, to add to the fun. The main event happens during the Christmas party, and the big reveal is definitely exciting for everyone!

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