Filipino Culture and More: 14 Signs You’re Absolutely Filipino!

Filipino Culture

There’s something about the Filipino culture that has everyone’s attention. If you’re a true-blue Filipino, then you will love reading this. They say, “It’s more fun in the Philippines,” but it’s even better if you know how to complete the statement, “You know you’re Filipino when . . ..”

There are more—if not better—ways to flaunt your Filipino identity other than just using the hashtag #ProudFilipino in every post you make on social networking sites. And one good way is to know what makes up the Filipino culture and what makes one tunay na Pinoy (true Filipino). Here are signs that you really are a Filipino.

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Filipino Culture: What Makes One a True Pinoy

You have been christened

You have many godparents because of a religious ceremony like your baptism, confirmation, wedding, or a combination of all three significant life events.


You know what tapsilog is

If you’re Filipino, you know what silog means. You also know what the prefixes attached to it mean (tap, long, chix, corn, bang, etc.) Traditionally, it is breakfast food, but you can actually eat silog for any meal of the day.


You’ve ridden the jeepney

The jeepney has become a significant part of Filipino culture, and if you’ve ridden in one, then you really are a true Pinoy. You must also know the right word to say to make the jeepney driver stop. You’ve also heard the phrases “Basta driver, sweet lover,” “Barya lang sa umaga,” and “God knows Hudas not pay.”

Riding A Jeepney

You’ve taken the pedicab

You understand what a padyak or de-padyak is and you know which ones do “special trips.”


You follow the “Mano po” practice

A sign of respect to someone elder is to take their had and touch it to your forehead while you bend over and say, “Mano po.”


You eat pandesal for breakfast

Pandesal is part of your breakfast, which a true Pinoy knows is best eaten with a cup of hot coffee.


You’ve played patintero

As a child, you played taguan pung, patintero, tumbang preso, Jack en Poy, luksong tinik, piko, agawan base, Pepsi-7-Up, and langit-lupa.


Read more about the Philippines and its people in the second part of this series.

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