Hospitality as Part of Filipino Culture

Filipino Hospitality

Pinoys have always been known for treating their guests warmly, whether natives or foreigners. The Filipino hospitality is something to take pride in. Tourists usually comment on it during their trips as something they remember our people by, more than the food they eat or the places that they visit.

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Filipino Serenade

We, as Filipinos, put our best foot forward every time guests come to visit. This trait is something that is apparent soon as you step off the plane—you will be greeted warmly at the airport, the hotel, at restaurants, and practically every other place that you go.

The Philippines has a good quality of service for foreigners, but Filipino hospitality is also reflected in the way we welcome our relatives and even our friends, close or new acquaintances alike.

Filipino Performance

Many praise this part of the Filipino culture, but at times, there are those who go overboard with the hospitality. Many spend a lot of money on food and even buy new sets of china for guests. While something of that sort is reasonable if it is part of a business, working Filipinos who push their own blood and sweat to earn such money should think twice before they spend, especially considering how hard money is to come by.

It is difficult to get rid of such a trait, though, as it had been part of the Filipino culture since before the country became a colony of Spain in the fourteenth century. The datus, who used to rule the land, welcomed foreign people for barter and trade. In fact, when the Spaniards first came, they were treated with great hospitality before things escalated and foreigners decided to colonize the country.

Filipino Greetings

Signs of Filipino Hospitality


When you go in a store, Filipinos greet you with a warm welcome, but they also thank you for dropping by, even parting with “Have a nice day” whether you buy something or not.

Best China

They also take out their best china. A lot of women are obsessed with plates, and many Filipino women keep their best ones in a cabinet. They usually take them out when a guest arrives, especially if they’re not very close and the family thinks they need to impress. For relatives, there’s the second best china, but for the children, the everyday plates are sufficient, for some reason.

Free Tours

Filipinos also like showing tourists around, whether they take these tourists to the famed tourist spots or the hole-in-the-wall places that natives only know about, Filipinos love taking tourists out—for free.

Filipino Food Tour

Food and Festivals

Filipinos love food, and they serve a lot of them during festivals. Filipinos love festivals so much, there are a lot of them over the year. During these events, they give a lot of food out, especially in the barrios when people know their neighbors and keep an open-home policy.

On days when there are no festivals or parties, however, Filipinos love to treat tourists with their native delicacies or favorite street food—they’re delicious—and would love for their friends to love eating them as much as they do.

The Filipino hospitality makes the culture distinct. It’s freely given to tourists and foreigners, so you’re definitely bound to get your share of warmth when you visit.

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