Filipino Interior Design Influences You Can Use to Redecorate Your Home

Filipino Interior Design Ideas

It does not matter if you live in the Philippines or not, you have probably spotted a hint of Filipino interior design in some living spaces. But why are people so drawn into creating a Filipino-inspired atmosphere? The answer lies in its versatility. Filipino culture covers a wide range of influences due to several years of colonialism from the Japanese, Americans, and Spanish. It hasn’t lost its sense of native culture as well, with most modern-day designers taking inspiration from indigenous works.

Here are Filipino interior design ideas you can use to remodel your home.

Filipino Interior Design Ideas You’ll Fall in Love With

Filipino design styles make use of neutrals, grays, and browns. Vibrant colors are usually seen in accessories like banig (sleeping mats) and curtains. You don’t have to stick to classic Filipino designs when it comes to redecorating your home. The last thing you’ll want is an interior space that looks like it is frozen in time. By simply picking a few details that reflect the true Filipino culture, you’ll be able to create a space that is both modern and artistic.

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Modern Filipino Interior Design


Crate and Barrel Basket

The Philippines is abundant with natural resources found throughout its 7,107 islands. People have acquired the creativity and skills to make use of these materials, throughout the years. The Bicol region is best known for producing abaca and sinamay products, for example. Baskets and placemats woven from any of these materials are perfect for those looking to incorporate a minimalist theme into their homes.

Other popular handicraft materials are bamboo, coconut shells, and fibers. You can either purchase a ready-made product made out of these materials or use your free time to make awesome DIY projects. Create your own flower vases, seat pads, mattresses, and carpets.

Ethnic Figurines

Bulol God of Rice

Hand-carved statues have become a part of indigenous Filipino culture. In the Northern Luzon province of Ifugao, the locals are known to carve a human figurine known as the bulol or Ifugao rice god. Bulol are kept inside the house and usually come in pairs. They are made out of narra wood, a natural material that represents happiness, contentment, and wealth in Filipino culture. These unique statues deserve to be put on full display in your home. You can place them in the corners of your terrace or in your living room.

Elegant Furniture

Traditional Living Room

A combination of skilled craftsmanship, creativity, and unique materials makes Filipino furniture designs stand out anywhere in the world. Majority of Filipino-made furniture is constructed out of narra, abaca, or bamboo. Although most designers opt to use these types of wood in its purest form, combining them with each other can produce more creative results.

Egg Shell Sofa

It is not just traditional woodwork that Filipinos have proven to be good at. Filipino designers are capable of creating modern pieces as well. The egg shell–shaped sofa shown above is a perfect example of a modern Filipino interior design. It is made out of abaca and is supported by a strong metal stand.

Lights and Lamps

Woven Nito Lamp

Your choice of lighting fixtures such as lamps and light shades should depend on your city of residence. In Manila, you will find out that the selection is quite good but lacks the creative ingenuity of the province. Locally made lamps make great accent pieces for your home. They can come in different sizes that suit any space. Smaller lamps are ideal for apartments and condominiums, while larger models can liven up any forgotten corner of the home. If you want to go for a bolder design, choose a lamp made with abstract patterns or stained glass.

Filipino interior designs have a lot of ideas that will inspire. Whether you want to go for a traditional look or incorporate one of the most popular 2017 interior design trends, there’s always a design piece that will help you achieve the look you’re aiming for.

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