Filipino-Made Products You Should Support 

Filipino-made products

For such a long time, Filipinos have patronized imported products, especially Western ones. The time has come then to pay more attention to our own. Although there’s nothing wrong with patronizing imported products and being influenced by other cultures, we shouldn’t also forget to patronize our own. The Filipino can also create and produce well-designed and quality products. The following are just a few of the local brands and Filipino-made products that we all need to support. 

It’s time to shine the spotlight on all things local!

Filipino-Made Products You Need to Check Out

1. Happy Skin

Filipino-made products to support

This popular makeup brand has completely local origins, and it was created with the intention of catering to the unique and diverse beauty needs of Filipinas. The people behind this brand made sure that their ingredients are organic and free from toxins to ensure that their clients’ skin gets the best treatment it deserves. Their makeup products provide your skin with a gorgeous matte finish while moisturizing it at the same time. 

2. Human Heart Nature

Tatak Pinoy products

This brand is not so much a company as it is a social enterprise. The brainchild of the nonprofit organization Gawad Kalinga, Human Heart Nature produces, manufactures, and distributes a wide range of personal hygiene and beauty products that are all organic and gentle on your skin. And they are of such good quality that they’re already competing alongside huge international brands. Aside from the competitive quality of its products, the Human Heart Nature brand is also about creating livelihoods and inclusive enterprises that promote a caring and sustainable attitude toward the environment.

3. ANTHILL Fabric Gallery

This popular brand is a social enterprise that focuses on infusing local weaving culture and traditions into modern fashion styles. In trying to revive a dying custom by combining it with contemporary fashion, the ANTHILL brand has been able to revitalize the local Filipino weaving culture, aside from providing livelihoods to many local tribal weavers. 

4. Renegade Folk


Just like the other brands on this list, Renegade Folk’s leather sandals are made by local Filipino artisans. This brand has a growing base of loyal customers, due to the top-notch quality of the sandals themselves and their elegant appeal that also allows for everyday wear. The sandals boast designs that are both laid-back and sophisticated and yet durable—all qualities that define the Filipino spirit. 

5. Kenneth Cobonpue


What’s a list of top-notch Filipino brands without the distinguished Kenneth Cobonpue furniture pieces that have been hailed the world over? Recognized as “rattan’s first virtuoso” by no less than the prestigious TIME magazine, Kenneth Cobonpue has produced world-class Filipino furniture pieces that have won many awards and recognitions and have been even admired and patronized by big-name clients such as Brad Pitt and the like.

6. Tsaa Laya


You don’t need to look further than our own shores to find premium quality tea products. Tsaa Laya is a brand created by the nonprofit organization Kapwa Greens Lifestyle, in their aim to provide underprivileged women and mothers with livelihoods that can sustain their families as well as produce quality products that are not just flavorful but also good for the environment. 

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