Filipino Patio Design Ideas Perfect for 2019

Staying inside a Filipino house without air conditioning can indeed get unbearably humid. And for such a family-oriented people, the living room can feel like an oven for some homes during peak sunny days. 


In the countryside, Filipinos often dine and spend time together outdoors beneath the shade. You can bring this provincial privilege to your home in the city if you’re blessed with an open space outside the house. A small front yard or backyard can accommodate any of these patio design ideas.

Patio Design Ideas for the Filipino Family

Zen garden

Patio Design Ideas

Now that mental health is being given more attention, zen gardens are a great way to reduce stress, improve your focus, and develop a sense of well-being. We suggest you let your garden provide you the safe haven you need during your trying moments. If you have space, set up a little bridge or walkway, add rock sculptures, or put up a fountain or pond. If you want to skip the struggle of hiring a landscape designer just to install the latter, consider making use of sand to symbolize a river. Add a touch of home and create a Filipino-style zen garden. Imagine drinking green tea here early in the morning! 

Tropical paradise

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Creating a tropical patio is possible and can be a fun, relaxing experience. Sometimes, living in the city can make you forget the tropical wonders this country has to offer, drawing millions of tourists every year. Try torches, large shells, stones, or a mixture of all three. Create texture and variety around the patio that is reminiscent of a day in our islands. The torches can even double as warm, inviting lights at night. Imagine how romantic this could be for you and better half.

Succulent escape


From aesthetic Instagram posts to vlogs, succulents are taking today’s world by storm. They’re now sold on the streets, given away during birthday parties or weddings, and packed as Christmas presents. And the best part? Succulents are enticingly low-maintenance! A method called grafting also produces vibrant colors on top of them. They only need watering once a week, so what are you waiting for? Fill your patio with succulents and use wooden furniture to give off the trendy art hoe vibes.

Rustic patio

Patio Design Ideas
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From weddings to birthday parties, the rustic theme seems to have trended recently, especially among environmentally conscious homeowners looking to create sustainable living spaces. A wooden-beam pergola easily brings rustic beauty and function and provides overhead protection. Add potted plants, garden beds, trees, or shrubs to complete the look. Stick to earth-tone colors such as brown, tan, and green when picking furniture.

Strings of festoon lights hanging between trees or structures can also instantly uplift a garden at night. You may also choose to give your garden a wonderful warm glow with enchanting festoons wound through your pergola. Lastly, if you still have space, the most alluring feature of any rustic patio is a stone fire pit, which makes the spot the perfect gathering spot for families and friends. You may include a traditional fire ring, an in-ground pit, a fireplace with a chimney, or wrought iron pits.

Patio Design Ideas: Bamboo outdoor kitchen

Patio Design Ideas

Your parents may have told you how they used to collect and chop firewood as kids and prepared meals outdoors. So why not immortalize this traditional experience and modernize it in your home? Draw inspiration from our Southeast Asian neighbors by using bamboo for walls, counters, tables, chairs, pergolas, and laths. You’ll be surprised how vacation-like this will turn out.

Don’t forget to include a hammock! Our people love that.

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