Hadassah Peri: Filipino Private Nurse Receives Millions from Billionaire Heiress

Filipino Private Nurse Receives Millions

If karma is true, then we would all be kind, but sometimes nobody believes in kindness anymore. Let the story Hadassah Peri prove something about that.

Meet Hadassah Peri, Nanny for One of the World’s Richest Women

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World's Richest Women

When Filipino nurse Hadassah Peri was working abroad, she didn’t know that she would be the personal caregiver of one of the richest women in the world.

Her client is Huguette Clark, the youngest child of Sen. William Clark, who made a lot of money from copper mines and once went head to head against John Rockefeller as the richest man in the United States. When Senator Clark died, the bulk of his fortune was left to Huguette, his 18-year-old daughter.

Sen. William Clark

After a quick marriage to law student William Gower, son of her father’s colleague, she went into recluse and has not been photographed since 1928. She never remarried and never had any children. She lived a solitary life away from society and, in the late ’80s, opted to stay in a hospital care facility instead of one of her many luxurious apartments. At this time,Hadassah Peri became her nurse.

Clark and Peri had little in common, but they did share a strong Catholic upbringing. Peri, as her nurse, would take care of Clark, spending 12 hours a day, seven days a week with her. After a while, they became friends, and Clark started giving her nurse luxurious gifts.

Among the gifts were seven homes, a Bentley car, a Cezanne painting, and an antique violin (the latter was sold later for cash). Clark also paid the medical bills and tuition fees of Peri’s family, even the monetary penalties after an unexpected tax bill.

Huguette Clark

Nanny to Receive Millions According to Clark’s Will

Upon Clark’s passing in 2011, Peri received millions worth of gifts in the span of the 20 years that she took care of the heiress. In addition to these, Clark also gave Peri over ₱500 million in her will.

Unfortunately, this angered many of Clark’s relatives (most of whom the heiress never even met) and started a massive legal battle to invalidate the will and acquire the cash for themselves. By September 2014, the court gave its final decision and Peri had to give up the cash given in her name, and she was asked to pay back about 183 million worth of gifts to Clark’s relatives, but the rest she can keep for herself.


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