Look Out for These Garden Design Trends in 2019!

Garden Design Trends

It’s a fresh new year again, so it’s about time we’ve curated the best upcoming trends for 2019 from international gardening experts. We also made sure that if you wish to plant with the tides of the times, these garden design trends will be friendly to our tropical greens and look culturally picture-perfect. Get ready to be inspired!

Garden Design Trends for 2019

1. Create your own staycation spot.

Ever noticed the increasingly popular travel trend popping out all over social media? Vacationing seems to be so much valued by this generation as people clamor more than ever for peace of mind and mental health. But for those who just aren’t the backpacking type, staycations also have become fashionable now—finding a way to enjoy the holidays or the days off right at the comfort of your own hometown or, better yet, your backyard. Designer Scott Shrader says, “Why go on vacation once a year when you can make your yard feel like you’re on vacation all year round?” Whether it’s going to be a nipa hut, a Filipino treehouse, an outdoor kitchen, and/or a decorated camping ground with a safe bonfire feature, it’s all up to you. Be sure to install lighting so the garden and the spot will glow at night and be easy to access. Also don’t forget our beloved hammocks!

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Staycation Spot

2. Try a DIY greenhouse.

Good news: hobby greenhouse kits are now available! Plus, they’re way cheaper and smaller. It’s now possible to assemble your own greenhouse and customize it the way you want. These kits can be assembled in a day and come in various shapes and sizes. If you want, you may also add accessories like an irrigation system, built-in shelving, and weatherproof flooring. Get creative.

DIY Greenhouse

3. If you live in an urbanized area, take advantage of it.

Now that most of us have to live in city centers to be nearer our workplace, gardening is usually considered a luxury. It’s a busy world we live in, so gardeners are now considering simpler ways to keep up. Here are some useful ways to still include a patch of green to your place in the city:

Vertical gardening. If your flat lacks some space, the balcony will do. Whether you hang them on containers, put them on shelves, or use a trellis, it’s completely your choice.

Vertical Gardening

Indoor gardening. There are dozens of types of ferns, and they can be grown indoors. Ferns’ ruffled foliage adds texture and green to any corner of your room. And if you need another reason to try this trend, these houseplants are actually known to help purify the air inside.

Indoor Gardening

Low-maintenance gardening. Since our schedules are mostly packed and hectic, more mess equals more stress. Plant mostly perennial plants that will come back each year, and group them together based on their watering needs.

Low Maintenance Gardening

Smart Gardening. Technology is now taking over our chores and doing all the hard work. With the Tertill weed whacker, hydroponic indoor gardening, and gardening apps to help you, gardening is now almost hassle-free and doable.

Smart Gardening

4. Succulents are so in right now.

From aesthetic Instagram posts to vlogs, succulents are taking today’s world by storm. They’re now sold on the streets, given away during birthday parties or weddings, and packed as Christmas presents. A method called grafting also produces vibrant colors on top of them. They only need watering once a week, so what are you waiting for?


5. Set the mood through lighting.

Position the lights up against trees to give an uplight effect, to pull your focus onto a specific area of the garden, and to make the tree itself a prominent feature of your garden. Use warm-colored lights for a cozy ambience or a bright color for a party atmosphere. Add lanterns, festoons, or fairy lights. These would make your garden perfect for some outdoor socializing on weekends.

Mood Through Lighting

6. Meditate in a zen garden.

Now that mental health is being given more attention, zen gardens are a great way to reduce stress, improve your focus, and develop a sense of well-being. We suggest you let your garden provide you the safe haven you need during your trying moments. If you have space, set up a little bridge or walkway, add rock sculptures, or put up a fountain or pond. If you want to skip the struggle of hiring a landscape designer just to install the latter, consider making use of sand to symbolize a river. Add a touch of home and create a Filipino-style zen garden. Imagine drinking green tea here early in the morning! More tips from zen masters here.

Zen Garden

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