15 Garden Fence Ideas That Are Cheap yet Effective

Inexpensive Garden Fence Ideas

If there is one common fixture in Filipino gardens, it is that most homeowners like to secure their space with fences. In a time where sophisticated home security systems have become a part of the trend, it pays to go for old-fashioned barricades as one of our Garden Fence Ideas to help keep your families safe and your daily activities private.

You don’t need to settle for razor wire fences that’ll end up making your home look like a high-security prison. Here are garden fence ideas that are inspired by the designs around Asia, Europe, and the United States.

15 Garden Fence Ideas Inspired by Modern Homes

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1. Use bamboo

Modern Backyard Garden Design

Already have a barricade set up? You can always mask a dull-looking fence with young bamboo plants, which have always been present in many garden fence ideas. Give it a few weeks to a month to grow out and you’ll be surprised to see just how chic your old wall has become.

2. Reclaimed wood

Garden Fence Design Ideas

You don’t need to spend a ton of money remodeling your home! Reclaimed wood is a sustainable and environment-friendly option you can use in constructing or remodeling your garden fence. Most reclaimed lumber comes from old barns, warehouses, and factories. All you need is a coat of varnish to bring it back to mint condition.

3. Fence creatively made using bamboo

Garden Terraced View

Fortunately, the Philippines has an abundant supply of bamboo, which is why most Filipino homeowners choose to incorporate bamboo fence ideas into their homes. If you happen to live in a duplex, one of the highly recommended garden fence ideas is to use freestanding bamboo to divide your property. Not only does it create a rustic feel, bamboo also happens to be one of the most affordable construction materials out there.

4. Ready-made panels

Garden Fencing Ideas

Premade panels are another affordable option for homeowners. They can provide a great deal of privacy for your backyard. Paint your panels with a color that blends with the rest of the house. Go for neutral shades like creamy beige, gray, and white to achieve this.

5. Strip fencing  made from pallets

Fabulous Garden Fence

Recycle your old pallet boards and reuse them as a slatted fence. You can create a backyard that is both child-friendly and low maintenance with a natural wooden fence.

6. Hedge fence

Cheerful Garden Fencing Ideas

Hedge fences are lines of small trees or shrubs that run along the barricade of your garden. It provides privacy and protection while adding aesthetics to your outdoor space. Many people choose hedges over wooden or wire fences to lessen the feeling of claustrophobia. Their height is a major advantage as well. Some hedges even grow up to 15 feet! If you decide to grow your own hedge, keep in mind that this will need a lot of care and maintenance.

7. Minimalistic at best: monotone chic

David Adjaye Garden

Picking a solid, monotone color does not necessarily translate to boring. Take the example above, the decking planks can be integrated very well into the linear fence. Another huge advantage of going monotone is its affordability! You might even get a sweet discount by using the same materials.

8. The secret garden

Garden Fence

Everyone needs a little space to call their own. So how about creating a secret garden at the comfort of your own backyard? While a small succulent garden would be enough to adorn this area in the house, it would look just as elegant—if not more—if you decide to add a bigger one to beautify your whole yard. Use open trellis fencing to separate the patio from the rest of the garden. It creates the illusion of an entrance to another world. Make sure the pathway is adorned with flowers to emphasize the fairy tale motif you’re going for.

9. Pale woven panels to add texture to dull walls

Stylish Garden Fence Ideas

Woven panels are ideal for countries with tropical weather like the Philippines. A combination of sun and rain may cause solid wood to expand and shrink, and it would eventually start splitting over time. Weaving is a great technique to avoid this. By weaving the panels like a basket, you should be able to make your fence last longer.

10. Keep it simple

Garden Design Ideas

At the end of the day, there’s really nothing like an adorable picket fence. You can show off your colorful garden with a wooden fence that best suits provincial homes. Although garden fence ideas that use picket are not apt to be a privacy fence, it definitely adds a lot of character to a little backyard garden.

11. White picket fences to make small-town dreams come true

Garden Fence Design

In the United States, the white picket fence is used to symbolize the middle-class suburban life. This style is slowly making its way to Philippine shores as well. White picket fences are actually a staple in communities around Laguna and Tagaytay.

12. A custom picket fence

Hedge in a Backyard

You know how the popular saying goes, “Fake it until you make it.” Well, tinkering with a boring wooden fence by covering it with artificial greenery is not only good for your pockets, but it will also keep your backyard looking modern and chic.

13. High fence properties

Impressive Garden Lawn

There are no formal rules governing high fence, so there is no “ideal” height in constructing one. A higher fence with the aim of creating more privacy should be about 1.8 meters. On the other hand, if you want to prevent intruders from entering the home, the height of your fence should range from 1.8 to 2.5 meters.  For obvious reasons, garden fence ideas like this may cost you a little more. But cheaper wood like reclaimed lumber will help you ease up on the costs.

14. Marine plywood

Neil Dusheiko Architects

Marine plywood is not waterproof or rot-resistant. What you’ll get, however, is good-quality hardwood plywood made with waterproof glue. It also tends to be lightweight, strong, and free of defects. To top it off, this type of wood is one of the most affordable options out there.

15. Stainless steel

Stylish and Cheap Ideas for Garden Fencing

Sheets of stainless steel aren’t too hard to find. A simple laser-cutting job to mold it to the shape of your choice should be too costly. To make your steel fence more long-lasting, try welding it with a wire mesh. The wire will make the fence resistant to rust, corrosion, and harsh chemicals.

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