Bahay Kubo: How to Build One

Bahay Kubo How to Build One

If you have studied in the Philippines as a child, then you might have encountered a book or two with a drawing of a bahay kubo, on the side of which you can find a rice field, on it is a carabao, in the background is a sun in between two mountains. The drawing is a perfect representation of the simple life of Filipinos in the early days. As we all know, bahay kubo is recognized as an icon of the Philippine culture and traditions.

Going on a vacation to the province is not complete without seeing a bahay kubo or nipa house, after all, it’s still very much visible in rural areas. But then, many beach resorts also use nipa huts as cottages for guests, and large modern houses use open nipa structures as cozy extension of their living rooms.

A typical materials in building bahay kubo uses bamboo and coco lumber for the beams and joist, nipa shingles for the roof and windows, bamboo slats for flooring, railings and even for benches and stair steps. As for walls, sawali can be used framed with bamboo slats.

Modern Bahay Kubo

Steps in Building Bahay Kubo

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Above photo is an example is a modern bahay kubo these days. If you’re interested to know how to build one like this, see the the lay out plans below.

Layout Plans

Modern Bahay Kubo Layout


Layout Of Modern Bahay Kubo


Outline Of Modern Bahay Kubo

The First Posts

As can be seen, standard-sized coco lumbers are used as posts, secured with concrete foundations.

Modern Bahay Kubo

Foundation Of Modern Bahay Kubo

The Foundations

A concrete foundation makes the structure durable.

Concrete Foundation Of Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo With Concrete Foundation

Marking Out

Instead of bamboo slats, coo lumbers are used as roof frames.

Bahay Kubo Frame

The Walls And Roof Building

Putting several windows ensures a cool air flow inside. While typical materials in building bahay kubo windows are made of nipa, this house uses modern glass for windows so sunlight can easily pass through.

Bahay Kubo Walls

Front View Of Bahay Kubo

The Final Result

The end result is a very simple yet warm and inviting place for the family to relax and enjoy away from the busy life in the city.

Built Bahay Kubo

New Modern Bahay Kubo

Beautiful Bahay Kubo

Close Up Of Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo Veranda

Bahay Kubo With Garden

Constructed Modern Bahay Kubo

Bahay Kubo With Garden Front View

A Bahay Kubo

Photo credit: Guardian Witness via Samal Bahay Kubo

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