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Modern Rooftop Terrace Design Ideas for Filipino Homes

rooftop terrace design ideas

There’s no better way to start the morning than having a cup of warm coffee on the terrace. The taste of coffee beans in your tongue added with a wonderful view your rooftop terrace offers is something nothing can beat. But if you have a badly designed terrace, would you still want to spend your mornings there?


Designing a rooftop terrace is no easy task, so we understand the frustration. But you don’t have to endure spening every morning on a plain, monochromatic terrace if you have the tools to make it look more elegant. If you are lacking design ideas, we got you. 

Below are some rooftop terrace design ideas we gathered just for you.

Revamping Your Rooftop Terrace? Here Are Design Ideas

  1. Let a fire bowl pit and glass railings do the magic.

If you want a rooftop oasis that you and your friends can hang out in at midnight with cups of coffee on the side, then this rooftop design is the one for you. Let wooden furniture, a fire bowl pit area, and glass railings do the trick. With these, not only will you have something to warm you up as you enjoy the breeze, but you will also have the glass railings to add to the elegance and safety of the area.

  1. Make it cozy.

Of course, why else would you have a rooftop terrace if you are not determined to make it cozy! To do it, place some cushions around so you have a good place to lounge. Make sure the cushions’ color complements the whole theme of the terrace. You can add a little table and place some plants on it. 

  1. Design it like it’s your living room.

Here’s the key to making your rooftop terrace look cozier: design it like it’s your sala. Place a coffee table at the center and add some contemporary furnishings. Add chairs around and potted plants in the corner. Make it look like it is where you take your friends for a talk after you had your lunch in the dining room because it really is. Green cushions are the best things to place to complement the greenish look of the area, which is created by your floras. 

  1. Give it a luxurious touch.

If you have a big terrace, take advantage of it. You can place beds around, aside from a big sofa and chairs. Place some planters around the area to take it a step closer to nature. You can add some lamps that exude a calming vibe. You can place an outdoor TV too and make it your favorite place for that much-wanted movie marathon. Do not forget to add tables and barstools, which you can have custom-designed for a very low price.

  1. Make the most out of the space you have.

Big or small, just make sure you make the most of the area. You can add a dining table on the side, complete with six chairs at most, or whatever you prefer. Then on the other side, you can create a lounge area, which you can do by placing a sofa with pillows and a coffee table at the center. Don’t forget to place some plants and make sure your fence complements with the whole theme of the area.


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How to Celebrate Father’s Day Amid COVID-19

father's day

Father’s Day is just around the corner. Come June 21 and your Facebook newsfeed will be flooded again with tributes to the world’s best men—fathers. But while a heartfelt message will surely take him by surprise—in a  good way—and will melt his heart, there are other ways to celebrate the day more than just penning a heartwarming letter.


But since there is a deadly virus spreading around, celebrating Father’s Day this year will have to be different from the last. There’s no checking off travel bucket list; nor is there an evening date at a famous restaurant. Because of the worldwide-imposed quarantine, most stores are closed, and travels are restricted. 

But that does not mean there’s no celebration this year. There’s a lot you can do to celebrate your dad’s existence without taking the risk of going outside and catching the virus. Even at home, the day can be celebrated. Here’s how.

Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day at Home

  1. Serve him a hearty meal.

Start by serving him a breakfast prepared with love. May it be a bacon with egg ensemble, or a steak meal with fine wine on the side, have him eat a bountiful meal that he will surely enjoy. Let loose the chef in you and cook up something that will make him hug you in gratitude. 

  1. Organize a backyard picnic.

Since camping off the grid is not a choice this time, then pitch a tent backyard. You can start a story-telling session with the whole family and have your dad tell his scariest, spine-tingling experiences with ghouls. If that is too nightmare-inducing for you, then you can just revisit fairy tales you used to love reading when you were a little younger. Have your dad read them for you and relive the times he used to do it for you years ago, when you were still unable to utter some words. If it gets too cold outside, you can always head in and enjoy the rest of the night listening to more of his stories. 

  1. Play games with him.

Is your father the playful type? Then organizing a game night may be the best gift for him. Let him choose which game you should start with. If he’s into board games, then spend the rest of the night playing chess, Monopoly, or Scrabble. If it gets a little boring, then you can always switch to trivia games and test his knowledge on history or any topic he seems to be most interested in. You can invite the whole family to play for a more fun activity. 

  1. Have a movie date night.
Celebrate Father's day

Is your dad a movie buff? Then preparing a movie marathon is the best thing to do on Father’s Day. Aside from it’s an activity that you can do at home, having a movie date night will get you closer to knowing which genre your father is more inclined to and you can take it into consideration as you organize more movie date nights with him. You can watch his favorite action movie, or you can put up a family movie that the whole bunch would love. A comedy film like The Longest Yard will always do the trick, but drama films like Miracles from Heaven makes a good choice too!

  1. Bake him a Father’s Day cake.
Celebrate Father's day

To really celebrate the day, how about baking him a Father’s Day cake? You can seek help from Mom and ask her for guidance as you create the best cake the whole household can enjoy. Make a cake of his favorite flavor and decorate it according to his likes and interests. You can make a sports-themed cake if your dad is into sports, or an Adam Sandler movie-themed one if he is his favorite actor. Either way, as long as you bake it with love, he will surely love it.


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5 Ways to Celebrate Independence Day 2020

independence day 2020

On June 12, people are free to do anything. It’s a holiday, after all. There’s no work, and there’s no class. But to a patriot, there are way more reasons to celebrate this day aside from it being a double-pay workday for those who choose to report to work. It’s Indepence Day, a day to commemorate the freedom we gained a few centuries back.

Celebrate Independence day

It was on June 12, 1898, when Filipino revolutionary forces declared independence of the Philppine islands from the colonial rule of Spain. After 333 years of colonization, which took lives and enslaved millions, the Philippines was finally declared free.

With this said, it is only right that we celebrate the 12th of June like how Uncle Sam gives importance to the 4th of July. If you don’t know where or how to do it, we prepared a list of ways on how you can celebrate Philippine Independence Day.

How to Celebrate Independence Day 2020

  1. Visit nearby museums.

One of the best ways to celebrate Independence Day is to be where the past is fully represented, and what better place to be than a museum, right? At a museum, you will get to see artifacts and memorabilia that hold a special place in our history. If you are in the metro, visit museums like the National Museum Complex, Museum of the Katipunan, or Museo ni Jose Rizal, if you can.

Celebrate Independence
  1. Pay a visit to historical places near you.

After visiting museums, make sure to drop by historical places too. Revisit the past by being where most historic events happened. If you are near Intramuros, you can spend a few minutes or an hour marveling at the relics from the past in the area. A few other places to consider include Rizal PArk, Corregidor Island. Fort Santiago, Fort San Pedro, or Calle Crisologo.

  1. Watch Filipino movies.
Celebrate Independence day

If you can’t go out, no worries, there’s still a way to celebrate the day, and that is by watching Tatak Pinoy movies. Not only will you be able to entertain yourself without having to go outside, you will also get to learn a lot about our history. Film recommendations include Heneral Luna, Goyo: Ang Batang Heneral, Jose Rizal, and Bonifacio: Ang Unang Pangulo.

  1. Organize a staycation.

Make the most out of your stay at home by gathering your family around to have a staycation. Since traveling is still restricted for the most part, this is one of the best ways to spend Independence Day 2020. Aside from watching movies on Netflix, you can play trivia games to test everyone’s knowledge on Philippine history or play a game of charades with names of different national heroes to guess.

Celebrate Independence day
  1. Watch an online benefit concert.

You can also watch an online benefit concert with your fam. Not only will you get to sing and dance with the performers, you will also help whatever foundation they decide to give their proceeds to. What better way to spend the night, right?

Since most of the places in the country are still under quarantine, make sure to visit only those that are currently open and visit places where you are allowed to be. It’s better to be careful than to spend the rest of the day detained.




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Indigenous Materials Used in Filipino Homes

indigenous materials in filipino homes

As the world evolves, so does the field of architecture. In a Filipino setting, our bahay kubos have gone from being made entirely of indigenous materials to adopting a foreign style and foreign materials. While there’s nothing wrong with this, it loses that Filipino touch that we all want in our homes. Not only that, the use of foreign pieces and the operation costs that go into these homes are higher. So if you want to revamp your own house, why not opt for local materials? You get a real-Pinoy house and you get to cut down expenses. 

If you are not sure where to start, here is a list of indigenous materials you can use in your own home.

5 Indigenous Materials to Use in Your Filipino Home

1. Abaca

5 Indigenous Materials For A Filipino Home

Also called Manila hemp, abaca is more often used as a material for ropes and even money. But now it is also very noticeable as one of the top indigenous materials used in Filipino houses. It can be used in furniture and also in decorative pieces. Sofa, dining table, and chair are just three of the many pieces of furniture that can be made with the use of abaca.

2. Narra

10 tips for caring for wood furniture - House of Narra

Hailed as our national tree, narra makes a sturdy piece of wood that can be used in houses. Narra is mainly used in cabinetwork, as aside from its reddish or rosy color that easily complements other pieces of furniture, it is weather- and termite-resistant, which means it can basically stand the test of time. Narra furniture pieces can be expensive, but it is a worthy investment. 

3. Capiz Shells

156 Best Asian Homes images | House design, Filipino house ...

As they are abundant in the Philippines, it comes as no surprise that capiz shells are used everywhere, even in Filipino homes. Also known as windowpane oyster, capiz shells can easily be found in the coastal waters of the Philippines. Its use started way back the colonization of the Philippines by the Spaniards. During that time, windows were made of capiz shells instead of the usual glass panes we see today. At that time, windows that were made of capiz shells were considered a distinct and exceptional piece of architecture. 

Today, capiz shells are used to make lamp shades, chandeliers, picture frame, table lamps, candle holders, handbags, bathroom accessories, and many others. 

4. Coconut Shells

Doing a project about re-purposing coconut shells, love these ...

This list won’t be complete without the presence of the tree of life. Coconut isn’t called so for no reason. Every part of it can be used anywhere, from housing to decorative pieces. Coconut flesh is a nutritious piece that offers a number of nutrients for the body, but its leftover, the coconut shell has its uses too. Coconut shells can be made into candle holders, containers for small items, plant holders, baskets, lampshades, jewelleries, and many others. With its color and simplicity, it can add elegance to your house without burning a hole in your pocket.


Необычные стулья, кресла, диваны и кровати. Часть 14 - Сливки с инета

Last but not the least, the rattan. Lightweight and durable, rattan makes one of the popular indigenous materials for Filipino houses. It can be made into rattan chairs, rattan baskets, and many others. Its weather resistance makes it one of the sought-after materials when it comes to decorative and furniture pieces. Rattan is one of the materials used by acclaimed designers Kenneth Cobonpue and Ito Kish in their creations.




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Travel & Culture

Best Places to Visit in the Philippines Post-Quarantine

places to visit post-quarantine

If there’s anything millions of Filipinos are the same at at the moment, it’s probably the fact that we’re all confined to our homes. No one’s allowed to go out unless it’s for bank transactions or a trip to the pharmacy. Gatherings are cancelled; even weddings have to be postponed. This is all because of the coronavirus disease 2019 or COVID-19. To curb the continuous spread of the virus, Filipinos have been ordered to stay at home. 

LOOK! Viral Manila Bay video shows sea water 'going back to its ...

Now almost a month into quarantine, there’s one thing that we miss doing and can’t wait to do again: traveling.

We’re still not in that situation yet where we can already start counting down the days till this all ends, so perhaps for now, let’s just stick to daydreaming. But there’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Besides, after this is all over, travel will pick right up again and we can finally go to places we’ve been itching to go to, turning our little dreams into reality.

Some of us may already even have our itinerary ready, but for those who don’t, here are places in the Philippines you should go to post-COVID quarantine.

Where to Travel in the Philippines Post-Quarantine

1. Batanes Island

VIDEO: Stunning Beauty of Batanes Island from Above

It’s the picturesque view that gets everyone who visits Batanes to come back for another trip. The Instagrammable scenery and the food are two of the reasons tourists say Batanes is one of the best they’ve ever been to. It’s safe to say that because of the weather (storms often hit Batanes), only a few people get to brave it and visit this place. But when you get there, you will see what a real paradise on earth looks like.

2. Banaue Rice Terraces

Enhancing Indigenous Knowledge in Rice Terraces - Our World

Banaue Rice Terraces is always on lists of must-visit places—and for a reason. 

Considered the pride of the Ifugao, the Banaue Rice Terraces are thousands of step-like terraces in the mountains of Cordillera. These were carved with bare hands by Ifugao ancestors, creating a breathtaking view that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. So if you want a place to relax with a view that is even more calming, Banaue it is.

3. Vigan

Vigan Guide: Visit A Colonial City In Philippines — LAIDBACK TRIP

Known for its vintage vibes, Vigan, Ilocos Sur, is a great place to be once quarantine is over. You can enjoy all sorts of food in this place while also getting the chance to marvel at what a 16-th century town looks like. It’s worth noting that it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site, so there’s that. 

4. Corregidor Island

Corregidor Island WWII Tour from Manila 2020 - Luzon

Another place that bears a piece of history we can never forget, Corregidor Island is strategically located at the entrance of Manila, the capital of the Philippines. So if you want to see the scars left by the Second World War and learn more about the Philippines and its past after being isolated from the rest of the world for so long, then Corregidor Island is the place to be.

5. Camotes Island

Best Summer Getaway: A Complete Camotes Islands Travel Guide

If there’s something we haven’t done for so long now that we’re quarantined, it’s swimming. So what better way to celebrate the end of the pandemic than to dip in crystal-clear waters! If you agree, then Camotes Island is the best place to go. Located in Cebu, Camotes Island boasts white sand beaches, breathtaking caves and lakes, delicious food, and lovely people. What more can you ask for?

6. Chocolate Hills, Bohol

chocolate hills, bohol
Matador Network

And last but defintely not the least, Bohol’s famous Chocolate Hills. It may not always be choclatey in color, but it’s always a good thing to marvel at. Bohol’s popular tourist spot boasts a view that everyone who’s visited it cannot get enough of. Add the lovely people of Bohol and their famous delicacies, you’ll get a trip perfect to celebrate the end of months-long isolation.

This isn’t the right time yet to head out for a trip. So until then, stay home and stay safe.

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Indoor Games for Kids to Play During Lockdown

games to play during lockdown

Being on lockdown means spending all our time with our family members, especially our kids. While it’s a nice thing that we get to spend quality time with our loved ones, having to spend every waking minute with them without the option to get out can get a bit tiresome. And if your kids are the rambunctious and easily-gets-bored type, then good luck trying to get them to settle down. But have no fear: we have listed a variety of activities and games that your kids can play indoors as we spend the next several weeks in lockdown. 

Fun Indoor Games for You and the Family to Play During Lockdown

1. A Cardboard Fort


While not technically a game as it is an activity, this is still a fun pastime that can get your kids to practice their creativity and imagination. All they need is a few empty boxes, some chairs, some bed sheets, and their imagination, and they can already make a fort of their own. They can do many things such as learn shadow puppets and tell scary stories in their forts. 

2.  Treasure Hunt

Clues for an Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children

This is another childhood activity your kids can participate in with a lot of fun. You can easily organize an indoor one for your kids, and this activity can easily occupy them for plenty of hours. All you need to do is gather an assortment of items that your kids should find during the activity and hide them in different places around your house. Don’t forget to provide them with plenty of puzzling clues, as that is where all the fun is.

3. Board Games 


This is the perfect time to break out the board games of your childhood and teach your kids the games you derived so much pleasure from, long before computers and video games were in popular use. Some classic examples that will never go out of style are Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Chess, Checkers, and Monopoly. 

4. Puzzles 

9 Best Puzzles For Adults in 2020, Whether You're Dreaming of ...

Puzzles also make for hours and hours of fun for your kids while also helping out in their mental development. That is, as long as they’re not too difficult to solve. Remember, you want your kids to have fun, not end up frustrated.

5. Charades

Charades Words and Ideas to get your game on! Great for Parties!

This is a classic game that has probably been played at many family reunions and gatherings. It’s essentially you and your kids acting out certain words and terms while the rest of your family members guess the word or term. This is the ultimate boredom buster and can ensure a fun time for your family members, especially your kids.

6. Hide and Seek

25 Best Indoor Activities for Kids - Fun Indoor Activities for ...

Hide and seek is another classic game that probably needs no introduction. Everyone, no matter which generation they grew up in, has probably played this game at one point in their lives. You can encourage the kids to play an indoor version of this one. As long as they keep to the inside of the house, they can be safe. 

7. Film some TikToks.

Hype House and the Los Angeles TikTok Mansion Gold Rush - The New ...

Nowadays, nothing’s better in providing the ultimate distraction than TikToks. You’ve probably seen a few viral ones yourself. You can help your kids ease their boredom and have a bit of fun at the same time by helping them create and shoot their own TikTok videos. You can even get in on the fun yourself. That is, if you want to. 

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